YPM Vlogs: Net worth, Income, Girlfriend 2022

Ypm vlogs: Net worth his real name is Yadu Priyam Mehta he is is famously known for vlogging. He is having more than millions subscriber on YouTube.

YPM vlogs started his youtube channel when he was a in school. Later camera and a Mic became his best friends.

YPM vlogs aka yadu priyam mehta is also a most controversial youtuber from India. He is one of the youtuber who always trapped with new controversies.

YPM vlogs Net worth, Age Income and girlfriend in 2022. He had started his gaming channel also but later found to do only vlogging,

YPM Vlogs

YPM Vlogs

YPM vlogs real name is Yadu priyam mehta to make this short he added YPM and it got famous. YPM vlogs famous for Showing new bikes and luxury cars. He uploaded a video under 21 purchased A Ninja H2 and a Lamborghini .

His father is a successful businessmen comes from delhi, His mother his a author had published a book. YPM Vlogs also sells his merch on his youtube channel.

Recently a Sourav joshi beated Flying beast aka gaurav taneja and becames a Number one Vlogger in India. A small artist turned to vlogger is earning in crores.

Currently owns expensive Mercedes Audi and Lamborghini in his car collection. Home capital of India Delhi.

YPM Vlogs 2022

Real name Yadu priyam mehta
Income 25 Lakhs INR
Net worth 1 Crores INR
Monthly income 5 Lakhs INR
Date of birth 19 November 2000
Profession Youtuber
Income sources Brands promotions, Ads
City Delhi, India
YPM Vlogs

YPM vlogs Net worth

YPM vlogs Net worth is around 1 Crores in Indian Rupees. His net worth increased more than a Million dollar.

YPM Vlogs father net worth is more than $5 Million dollars comes from delhi.

He is famous youtuber in India. YPM vlogs started his YouTube journey 4 or 5 years before.Was at that time a kid all you can call it a rich kid because on starting he was showing richies in Dubai and in different countries.

His favourite place is Dubai and you will find him in dubai every month.

YPM vlogs controversies with other YouTubers is that they think he shows fake cars. Instead he pretend he purchased a luxury car but in reality someone else is his owner.

YPM Vlogs net worth 2022 1 Crore INR
YPM Vlogs net worth 2021 90+Lakhs INR
YPM Vlogs

YPM Vlogs Income

YPM Vlogs income is more than 20 Lakhs in Indian rupees he earns more than $26334.28. He earns a decent money from youtube ads, brand promotions.

Sponsers is also one of the most important for all youtuber and they drive much part of their income. Sponsers posts or promotions helps many YouTubers and they earns more than you think.

YPM Vlogs Income in 2022 25 Lakhs INR
YPM Vlogs Income in 2021 21 Lakhs INR

YPM Vlogs Favorites

Favorite Song Kaun tujhe
Favorite Actor Akshay kumar
Favorite Cricketer Virat kohli
Favorite Singer Arjit Singh
Favorite Tv Show Kapil sharma
Favorite Cartoon Doraemon
Favorite Place Dubai