Khan Sir Patna Bio 2022, Net worth, Monthly income

Khan Sir Patna Bio 2022, he is the one who had focused on knowledge not on money. He also publish books and resources for student at the minimum cost. He truly make this come true education for all. And he comes from the bihar where not many can afford expensive fees.

Khan Sir Patna was born in 1993 Gorakhpur Uttar pradesh. Khan Sir Patna Net worth, Monthly income in 2022. Khan sir patna coaching is so famous that you can ask anyone he knows direction. Other coachings offers 4 lakhs rupees per year which reserved for rich people only. Online education not only decreased the cost of education but also increase understanding too.

Khan Sir patna also have a youtube channel with more than 15 million subscribers. He provide current affairs and direction for competitive exams.

Khan Sir patna Bio

Khan sir patna Bio

Khan Sir Patna was born in Gorakhpur Uttar pradesh. He comes from the middle class background and he understand pain of every middle class condition. Khan sir also had participated in many protest for raising voice of students preparing for competitive exams.

He had said many times there is so many exams notifications come and it take 5 years to come result. Many students campaign and protest for this issue.

Khan Sir Biography and Wikipedia

Real name Khan sir
Age 29 years
Birthplace Patna
Religion Indian, humanity
Profession Youtuber, Teacher
monthly income 15 Lakhs INR
Date of birth
Nationality Indian
Income sources Youtube, Books
City Patna
Income 2 Crores INR
Net worth 2022 10 Crores INR
College Allahabad University

Khan sir bio – Physical stats

Weight  65 KG
Height  5’5 inch
Hair color Black
Body Measurements
Eye color Brown

Khan sir Bio key notes

Khan sir patna bio keynotes there is less teachers who had not made education as business. These coaching will not assure you that if you don’t get selected your fees will refund. There are so many coachings in India who harass student for not paying fees.

Coaching divide students on topper and backbencher failure other. Instead of increasing confidence they make him thinking.

  • Khan sir is also famous for his comedy in classes for bihari accent.
  • Khan sir had enrolled many students for not taking any single money.
  • His courses for year go less than 1-2k rupees.
Khan Sir patna Bio

Khan sir Patna Net Worth 2022

Khan sir patna net worth in 2022 is $2.1 million dollar he owns many property mainly sue for hall for students. Also he sells books of focused exam and youtube.

His videos average gets more than 7million views and it had gone up to 20 million across platform. His one video earns more than average person salary.

He had told that he was getting offer from one big coaching offering more than 100 crores to close his coaching and channels. Due to this many coaching are not able to loot students. When coaching says we cant help we can just tell you direction then why you taking lakhs of rupees.

Khan sir patna net worth in 2022 he had completed his Bsc from Allahbad university. He is having more than 15 million subscribers on youtube. UP and bihar population contribute half of the indian population.

And in this states most of them are near Below poverty lines government schemes and plans restrict till on paper during election times. From these states most of the migration in millions for finding work in other states.

Migrant workers, Students and many migrate to other states for some better opportunity.

Khan sir patna Income in 2022

Khan sir patna Income in 2022 he earns monthly more than 15 Lakhs in indian rupees. His yearly income go up to 2 Crores he is having many earning sources he offer service to poor and middle class students.

Khan sir patna and their are many teachers who focus on knowledge not on money. Also studentsfaces many problems like not finding centre, poor checking, proper facilities.

Results come delay of more than years, Main issue is paper leaking after examination they know paper is leaked and it is cancelled.

 Income in 2022 2 Crores INR
 Income in 2021 1-2 Crores INR
 income in 2020 1.5 Crores INR
 income in 2019 50 Lakhs INR
income in 2018 20-50 Lakhs INR