Suhani shah: Monthly income, Networth, Boyfriend

Suhani shah YouTuber, Mentalist, Philosopher, Comedian she recently started vlogging. Suhani shah was born in 1990 in Udaipur, Rajasthan. She was brilliant from her childhood, At age 7 she started doing magics and wanted to become a magician.

At seven age kids use to remember their name or phone number. But she already achieved the Guinness book of world record as the youngest magician. She already received a lot of awards and recognition under age 10.

Suhani shah

Suhani shah

Shuhani shah is truly inspiration at this age, She can read people’s minds with her experience of more than two decade. Suhani Shah is top female magician from India, She had travelled to many different countries for performances, shows.

She also has huge knowledge of Psychology and human behaviour. Which makes her extraordinary, She had performed with many big celebrities, Politicians. Suhani shah left schooling at midway, this can be tough in India to left school to focus on passion.

Suhani shah

Basic mentality of society of dropping school or college is pathetic. Suhani shah parents supported her and she is successful. She was getting abroad shows at age 14. Suhani shah don’t know English so she learned at her home. Now she had already written a book Unleash your hidden powers.

Suhani shah recently talked with Indias one of richest person and paytm founder Vijay shekhar

Suhani shah Income

Suhani shah Income is 1.20 lakhs in Indian rupees, she is riches female magician in India. She had started youtube channel and had collab with all big YouTubers in India. Suhani fans lover her comedy, shows, vlogging.

Truely inspiration from not knowing english to writing a book. Suhani shah also started her youtube channel already having more than 1.21 million subscribers. On youtube she plays chess with BM Samay raina who recently becames big chess streamer in India. Samay raina had interviewed Magnus carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, Karry Kasparov, Vidit gujrathi all chess biggies.

Suhani shah monthly income is around more than1.50 Lakhs INR. Main sources Youtube, brands promotion, Shows. She had more than 1.21 million subscribers on Youtube.

Suhani shah videos gets more than 1 million views in one or two days. She can easily earn more than 2 lakhs in Indian rupees, her audience is also true and loyal,

She had performed with many Cheif minister, IPS, Adminstrative officers. On her youtube channel also stared series on reading mind. Suhani shah also gives counselling, which can be the reason she is always positive happy. Everyone loves positive, happy people because they gives us positive vibes.

Suhani shah monthly income

That can be the reason she is rich and main happy. Many big brands wanted to collab with her she recently done shoot on big telecom company Vodafone and Idea. She had also appeared in Indian Idols India’s big TV show for singing. Suhani shah having more than 300k followers on Instagram..

Having millions of subscribers, Suhani shah does not having ego or attitude. Suhani shah is another name that a little education person can also be much successful. She can give motivation for those who lack education because of their conditions.

A person becomes successful, extraordinary from his hard work, consistency, sacrifice not from his/her family background, education seeing big universities.

Suhani shah Income in 2021

Real name Suhani Shah
Suhani Shah Monthly income 1.20-1.50 Lakhs INR
Net worth 1 Crores INR
Profession Youtuber, Magician, Author
Income sources Youtube, Brands promotion, Shows
Yearly income 18 Lakhs INR

Suhani shah Income in last 5 years

Income in 2021 1.50 Lakhs INR
income in 2020 1 Lakhs INR
income in 2019 80K INR
income in 2018 70K INR
income in 2017 50K INR

Suhani shah Net worth

Suhani shah Net worth is more than 1 crores, she owns home in Rajasthan. Suhani shah earns more than 1.20 lakhs in Indian rupees. Suhani shah recently invites Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar with comedian Vipul goyal.

Vijay shekhar also appeared in Zoom vipul goyals show. Vijay shekhar is also a fan of Vipul goyal and loves his comedy.He also told vipul to send his shows videos to him.

Suhani shah many brands wanted to promote or collab with her seeing his millions of followers. Suhani also have interest in playing tennis. She owns Hyundai i20 Car recently flying beast purchased BMW.

Suhani shah monthly income

Suhani shah boyfriend

Suhani shah boyfriend, their is no information or rumours with her. She is focused in her career more and wanted to achieve more heights. Suhani shah parents does not froe her to marry its her choice.

Suhani will in future marry when she wantre to be more independent and then will marry in future. Suhani shah had replied when her fans spam she did find life partner and not have connection with anyone.

Scout had recently purchased Mustang and also happy on return of Pubg. Many big brands like Pokerstars, mamearth, IQ003 had collab with these YouTubers.

Sushani calls his fans as Suhshasquad, they also have group on youtube plays funny stream with Samay Raina, Gamerfleet.