Sourav Joshi Bio 2022, Net worth, Income, Cars collection

Sourav Joshi is a vlogger on youtube and currently, his channel Sourav Joshi vlogs is the fastest-growing channel in India. Sourav Joshi Net worth, monthly income in 2022, he recently said that even in lockdown many had lost jobs and faced tough time he had also faced but not in terms of finances.

Sourav joshi net worth

Sourav joshi has proved that getting popular on youtube does not requires doing crazy things. His videos is full with simple family vlogs. He had recently got 800k (lakhs) subscriber in just two weeks. Sourav joshi is not from city like Mumbai, Bangalore a simple village.

Sourav joshi real name is sourabh joshi in his vlogs he had said in his all marksheet it is written Sourabh. Sourav joshi is having two channel Sourav joshi vlogs and sourav joshi arts. He is also a professional artist apart from professional vlogger.

Sourav joshi Bio in 2022

Sourav joshi Bio in 2022 is around 50 million dollars and his monthly income is around 6 lakhs rupees. Sourav joshi main income is from two youtube channels also have acres of property for farming, other sources sponsers, donations, superchat.

Real name

Sourabh joshi

Sourav joshi net worth

$40 Million

Sourav joshi monthly income


Youtube channel


Income sources

Brands, Promotions, Youtube, Donations




1 Toyoto

As this year is tough for everyone many had lost their jobs, Sourav joshi had proved that you can become rich and make your dreams come true crushing all problems. On starting of his youtube journey he had not open this vlogs channel.

He was earning through the art channel making real portrait even he had made portrait of himself. Sourav joshi also earning through paid commission work from his youtube. Then after he had tried vlogging he was not having any expensive gears, lens, any editing software.

Sourav joshi net worth

Sourav Joshi Biography wiki

Sourav joshi biography wiki this vlogger from small village had cracked youtube algorithm. He had beated many vlogger coming from Bombay, Kolkata and other metro cities.

He had beated many myths that becoming vlogger famous is for rich people. Public see only beautiful vlogger or rich showing 5 crores car. He does not have any car but now can afford one. He did not live in Bombay or other metro cities.

He does not come from BIG COLLEGES and he is India top vlogger. When he started vlogging you see him as a middle class boy making videos. He had said many times he started vlogging with 6000Rs xiaomi mobile.

Then had upgraded to 4-5 Lakhs rupees camera. Myths breaked Sourav joshi is currently living in Haldwani. He left his old house because many subscribers had know his place for family security he moved.

Sourav joshi car collection 2022

Sourav joshi car collection in 2022 he is not having only toyota he owns more cars. And he is the only youtube who had bought 4*4 Expensive cars. He recently purchased Fortuner Top model which cost more than 25-30 Lakhs.

He also purchased Mahindra Thar which comes in the list of his cars. In future he is also going to buy premium luxury cars.

Piyush Joshi has a separate fanbase also contributes a lot to his channel. He was doing vlogging and continue his art channel through his redmi mobile then after growth he had switched to iphone 12 and had given this phone to his mother. Then in his recent vlogs he had also had purchased iphone 11 for his mother.

Even on his starting he was not having a home that looks youtube standard but still he had not give up. And now he had setup and build his dream studio. He is having two youtube gold play buttons, two silver play button.

Sourav joshi net worth

Sourav joshi Income

Sourav Joshi monthly income is estimated more than 5 lakhs in indian rupees and in dollar around $5000. Sourav joshi net worth is around 5 crores in rupees and 40 million in dollars. Sourav joshi income is from two youtube channels, family property, acres in farming.

Sourav joshi net worth and monthly income depend on these factors:

  • Youtube
  • Sponsers
  • Superchats
  • Donations

Also he is on other social media like instagram, he has no interest in gaming many vloggers turn into gamer. On starting many people know him through his arts channel. Then after he makes vlogging channel. His vlogging channel had grow in less time.

Monthly income in 2021

8-10 Lakhs INR

Monthly income in 2020

5 Lakhs INR

Monthly income in 2019

4 Lakhs INR

Monthly income in 2018

3.2 Lakhs INR
Monthly income in 2017
2 Lakhs INR

If you are just seeing million dollars without work then it is wrong he had made many records in youtube. His channel is fastest growing in vlog niche. He had crossed 3 million views in two hrs. Main IMPORTANT he had not left a single day this year to not upload video.

Many times you feel down and have less interest vlogging everysingle day. Many times there are problems in your life. Or you may get sick it is possible in year he had uploaded more than 365 videos. Even he is having time you can see he upload video before 9am.

Sourav joshi net worth

There so many to who wakes up this time or may be he just schdule his videos but for that you have to shoot and edit. He had recently visited Delhi, Jhansi and more locations.

Sourav Joshi favorites

Favorite Song Kaun Tujhe
Favorite Actor Akshay Kumar
Favorite Place Dubai
Favorite Youtuber Sourav Joshi
Favorite Singer Arjit Singh
Favorite Tv Show Kapil Sharma
Favorite Cartoon Doraemon
Favorite Cricketer Virat Kohli

Sourav joshi expensive purchases

Sourav joshi had purchased many things can be consider someone dream if you had seen poverty. Purchasing car, bike, eating pizza, AC, iphone, Macbook, Ipad. These things can be purchased with money and hardwork earning from YOUR OWN MONEY not from parents.

Sourav joshi when he was in school or at the age in between 15 his family financial situtation is not that good to purchase a car or bike. Even when purchasing AC to installation to his room he had said it is a dream and never though buying one day.

Sourav joshi net worth

Sourav joshi had purchased KTM duke 200 and he had earned from his own money. Sourav joshi purchased 9 seater toyoto car.

Sourav Joshi is having iPhone 12 pro for his vlogging purpose but he wants a seperate phone for his vlogging so he had purchased another iPhone 12 for only vlogging.

Sourav Joshi purchased iPad for his drawing and for his art channel to make portrait. Also he had gifted to his brother Piyush joshi.

How you can forget THREE MONSTER CARS which worth more than 60 LAKHS INR.

Sourav joshi net worth

Sourav joshi family

Sourav joshi is also a pet lover he adopted pomerian his name is oreo and he cared for his dog. He never leave his dog alone in house. Also oreo friends they gave pedigree food to street dogs and animals.

Sourav joshi controversies between Manoj dey

Recently big controversy is created between sourav joshi and manoj dey both are brilliant YouTubers. Manoj dey comes same from middle class background now he had achieved with his hard work.

Controversy created between both of them by misunderstanding. And when two YouTubers having controversies their audience attacks without seeing actual reality. Audience and followers started fighting abusing to each other.

Later manoj dey got blocked on insta by sourav, he had uploaded vlog and seeing video audience reacted as Attitude king Piyush. He is a small kid and sometimes fans cross limit.

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Sourav joshi cars collection and collab

Sourav joshi cars collection he is not that crazy on cars or luxury cars. He had purchased recently Toyoto 8 seater. He had purchased this so that his whole family 8 or 9 member can travel.

Sourav joshi had collab with many big youtubers, when everything is going fine or better then expected than you dont have to find. Many big youtubers like flying beast aka gaurav taneja, Triggered insaan, and there are many.

Also a good news youtubers like carry, ashish, slay point many had joined charity stream and raised around 50 Lakhs money which will help in covid relief. This cannot be possible if audience had not donated.

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