Piyush joshi gaming Biography 2022, Income, Net worth

Piyush joshi gaming biography 2022, he is the brother of sourav joshi who is also a youtuber with more than 12 million subscribers. He is fascinated to become a youtube and made tecod of having more than 2 Million subscribers in just 24 hrs.

Piyush joshi gaming channel gained 2 Million subscribers In just having one single video on youtube. His brother Sourav joshi purchased a gaming PC for him which is having more than 5 Million views on youtube.

He later setup his youtube channel and got loved from his fans.

Piyush Joshi Gaming Biography

Piyush joshi is the brother of famous youtuber from India sourav joshi currently he is having highest subscriber or views in Vlogging category. He had made many records on youtube like 365 days daily vlogging, every video trending every day.

Piyush joshi started his youtube channel Name piyush joshi gaming. He is already in touch with biggies of gamers like Techno gamerz, Gamer fleet, Carryminati, scout or Mortal.

Some YouTubers commented they are not shocked because they know him before from Sourav channel. Also it is easy for him because of his brother sourav joshi.

His Younger brother Sahil joshi is also having more than 3 MIllion subscribers on youtube. He had started his channel after soutav joshi success. Even his many family and friends started their youtube channel.

Piyush joshi Biography 2022

Real name Piyush Joshi
Monthly income 1 Lakhs INR
Net worth 2022 5 Lakhs INR
Income  13 Lakhs INR
Date of birth Not Known
Profession Youtuber
Income sources Youtube, Brand promotion
City Haldwani
Piyush joshi income

Piyush joshi income

Piyush joshi income is around 1 lakhs in Indian rupees his age is just less than 16 and he earn more than one lakhs rupees per month.

Piyush joshi income can go up to more than 13 lakhs per year his average videos gets more than 5 Million views. Above data is predicted as least due to change of CPC.

India should improve its CPC and it is lowest in the world like $0.01.

Piyush joshi income last year

Income in 2022 13 Lakhs INR
Income in 2021 Not known
Income in 2020 Not known
Piyush joshi income

Piyush Joshi Net worth

Piyush joshi net worth in 2022 is around 5 Lakhs in Indian rupees he started his youtube channel in 2022. His average videos gets more than 5 million views.

be is Trigeered Insaan, they had recently collab visiting his house. Sourav joshi hard work, patience, discipline cannot be avoided. He is one of the youtuber who had done daily vlogging for continuous one year.

In everyone’s life there is ups and downs, but he had not missed a single day. Even when he trip in some villages due to Internet speed he managed to upload vlogs.

Net Worth in 2022 13 Lakhs INR
Net Worth in 2021 Not known