Samay Raina monthly income, Net worth, Chess, Comedy

Samay Raina monthly income, Net worth, Chess, Comedy

Samay Raina monthly income, He is a Youtuber, Comedian, Chess player, Engineer. Samaye Raina is underated comedian he is a medicine for many people. Samaye raina had played chess with top world grandmaster including number one Magnus carlsen.

Samay Raina on starting choose Comedy and he had won many records, titles. He is a winner of Comicstaan in which many popular comedians participated in it. Samaye Raina is the only comedian who had make his friends, Comedians to play chess. And they keep playing for all day increasing there Rating.

Samay Raina monthly income

Samay Raina is SUPREME LEADER and he comes second after hitler from Germany. BM SAMAY RAINA he had beaten many grandmaster and IM like Sagar shah who show off being IM AND GM. BUT our SUPREME LEADER changed the whole concept in chess when you can became BM why GM OR IM.

Our beloved SUPREME LEADER is close to our heart he is so pure from inside.

Somebody Like Samaye Raina person was needed in this Pubg, online games world many are refusing to play chess. Chess will never make you addict like other games where you will lose money. Many these games like pubg and other kids gets addicted and spend money from there parents credit cards.


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Samay Raina monthly income

Samaye Raina monthly income is around $2500 and his income INR is around 2.5 Lakhs. His main income sources Standup comedy, Youtube, Brands.


Samaye Raina 

Samaye Raina monthly income


Samaye Raina monthly income INR

3 lakhs INR

Samaye Raina Net worth

$30 Million

Samaye Raina Net worth INR

3 Crore INR


Youtube, Standup, Brands promotion

Samaye Raina has made friends who are chess legends including Grand master Anish giri, GM Magnus carlsen, GM Vidit Gujrati, GM Surya, GM Nihal sarin, IM Sagar shah. These are the worlds top chess player and are top 50 in world FIDE. In lockdown

Samaye Raina had started channel in lockdown because he is free and have no work. Samaye Raina changes his life and his life is completely changed. He is also having top friends in comedy Abish, Anubhav singh bassi, Aakash gupta, Zakir khan, Munawar faruqui.

Samay Raina monthly income

Samaye raina even had played chess with World number one chess player magnus carlsen and Indian chess legend GM Vishwanath Anand. Samaye Raina achieved this milestone in less time. Samaye Raina had done his engineering in printing.

Samaye Raina famous COB comedian on board where many popular comedians join this with huge price. Samaye Raina is the winner of COB 2021. Samaye Raina had also invited Munawar Faruqui in his streams. His famous controversy, he had done a stand up comedy in Indore he had used some words.


Comicstaan 2
Chess on board 2021

Youtube avg views

1 Million




Jammu, Sri nagar


New delhi

Bjp MLA son filed an FIR on Munawar faruqui and he got arrested. This not the first time where comedians are arrested in this Bjp govement. Bjp goverment failed to control covid due to this many lakhs of people already died. Countries like Bangladesh, Sri lanka , Pakistan done a great job to control.

Bjp manipulate people on religioun today if you see the condition of hospitals then tears will come in your eyes. There is no oxygen Bjp had not build any hospital with advanced technology. They never invest money in hospitals, oxygen plants other.

They spend on making 3000 crore statue, 2000 crore parliament new infrastructure. One comedian even said this that his life is completely changed. He is still fighting with arrest memory because this society judge very fast.

Samay Raina monthly income last 5 years

Samye Raina monthly income 2021

3-3.5 lakhs INR

Samye Raina monthly income 2020

2.5 lakhs INR

Samye Raina monthly income 2019

2 lakhs INR

Samye Raina monthly income 2018

1.5 lakhs INR

Samye Raina monthly income 2017


Samaye Raina had done charity stream for assam and bengal floods. He had also helped to raise money by slay point to fight second strain covid in India where many big youtubers contributed and joined streams including Asish chanchalani, Carryminati.

Samaye Raina was born in Jammu, Srinagar and then his parents shifted to New delhi. Samaye Raina wants to become comedian. He had try a chance in comedy doing several stand up in delhi. Then after he got some recognition as comedian then he shifted to mumbai for more carrer oppourtunities.

Samay Raina Net worth

Samaye Raina Networth is around $30 million and his monthly income is around $3000. Samaye Raina main income sources is Youtube, Stand up comedy.

Samaye Raina average views in youtube is around one million and also have millions of followers on Instagram. Samaye Raina got attention and his video gone viral when he was asking people on omegle to join chess.

He is new meme material for memers also runs whole meme community behind his back.

Samay Raina monthly income
Samaye raina with magnus carlsen

Samaye Raina made his name when he win Comistaan 2 laucnhed in Amazon prime video. Samaye Raina also fool is audience he make scripted fight with IM sagar shah founder Chess base India. This gone viral he also released Sagar shah diss track roasting.

He do live streaming so many famous streamers like Scout, Mortal, Dynamo, Flying beast knows him.

Biswa vs Samaye this got so much popular because of this controversy International master Sagar had given lesson to Biswa. And then samaye tactics from Grandmaster Surya. Then this exposed by them only that it is all scripted.

Samay Raina monthly income

Samaye Raina cars collection

Samaye Raina popular friends Yuzvendra Chahal, Raftaar, Including mant IM and GMs. Samaye raina also exposed by one of his friends whose song Bewafa samaye gone viral. Even his friends and audience in chat also started spaming Bewafa samaye.

Samay Raina CAR

Samaye Raina had recently purchased Red Honda city. His dream is to buy luxury card and we know he will buy one day. He purchased this card from his own money. He workhard and purchased money from his own self.