Lokesh Gamer Monthly Income

Lokesh gamer monthly income, free fire id, phone number

Lokesh gamer is a free fire streamer on youtube he is currently having around 8.4 million subscribers on youtube. Lokesh gamer monthly income, free fire id, phone number. Lokesh gamer is pro free fire player he is famous for spending millions of diamonds. Lokesh gamer is also owner of team hind famous free fire guild.

Lokesh gamer monthly income

Lokesh gamer’s monthly income his average view in every video is around 1 million. His id is also famous in free fire because he purchases global badges worth lakhs of Indian rupees. He had recently purchased Gucci shoes worth around Rs70,000/- INR. He had recently collab with another big free fire youtuber gyan gaming.

Lokesh gamer is also in relationship he officialy told this uploading videos in free fire, Also playing together in streams. Lokesh gamer had also gifted his friends i phone 12 but with twist breaking their old ones.

Lokesh gamer monthly income

Lokesh gamer monthy income is $3404 per month, his net worth is more than $50k dollar. This data is calculated on million views every video.

His main source of income is from youtube only also these are the other sources of his income. Lokesh gamer had recently purchased gucci shoes which worth more than Rs 70,000/-. He currently using iPhone 12 for streaming and gaming purpose. His gaming pc worth more than lakhs of rupees.

Lokesh gamer monthly income

Also he purchase more than lakhs of budges in free fire. He is also a pet lover purchased husky puppy. Not confirmed he has completed his scholling and doing under graduation.

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Lokesh gamer also do alot of giveaways in free fire, and he is famous for asking susbcriber id and then buying everything from elite passes to expensive gunskins. He is old free fire player if we see his latest stats 300 matches he had played out of which 114 won. He had defeated more than 4 players in every match.

Lokesh gamer also streamed 24 hrs this season means full day and night. His average views and likes is more than 100k. He gets payout from google adsense. Also he don’t follow any no face reveal trend like total gaming, SK sabir boss, raistar they are top YouTubers in free fire.

Lokesh gamer monthly income in 2021

Real Name

Lokesh Raj singh

Youtube Channel

Lokesh Gamer

Lokesh gamer monthly income

$3404 per month

Lokesh gamer Net worth


Earning source

Youtube, Brands Promotion

Currently in

Hyderabad, India

Lokesh Gamer girlfriend


Lokesh Gamer free fire id


Lokesh Gamer Dog


Lokesh Gamer Best friend

Gyan Gaming

Lokesh gamer monthly income last 5 year

Lokesh gamer monthly income in 2021

6 Lakhs INR

Lokesh gamer monthly income in 2020

4 Lakhs INR

Lokesh gamer monthly income in 2019

2 Lakhs INR

Lokesh gamer monthly income in 2018


Lokesh gamer monthly income in 2017


Lokesh gamer free fire id

Lokesh gamer free fire id is also the most expensive id because he purchases global badges worth lakhs of rupees. Also, he buys every expensive gun skins, elite passes, and all costumes. Lokesh gamer is also the owner of the team hind famous free fire guild. Lokesh gamer free fire id is 220528068 you can see his likes, elite passes and badges.

Lokesh gamer monthly income

Lokesh gamer currently having more than 5 lakhs diamonds in his free fire account. lokesh gamer often makes custom rooms in his live streams and distribute diamonds. Many pubg players who never wanted to play this is now streaming, If you had see the watching of pubg streamers at that time was around 70k. Now they are working hard to keep even 50k views.

Maybe because according to them gaming was only limited to pubg, and still there is no seeing chances in India to comeback. Why streamers do Pubg and free fire streams because these games are easily available on playstore and can run on low end devices. When you compare these games with fornite, others which need high end pc or expensive phones. Still watching of these games is so low.

Free fire India again sponser hrithik roshan (India actor), also he is having his own character in free fire. They are going to release new song with him title will be #holiwithfreefire.

Lokesh gamer free fire net worth

Lokesh gamer free fire net worth he is close to 9million subscribers his average views in his every video is around 1million. His channel is top 1000 in gaming India. After seeing these figure he can earn monthy around $5000 from youtube only if you count sponsers, Donations, Superchats then this will increase.

His youtube channel – lokesh gamer

Lokesh gamer monthly income

However this is predicted income couting per 1k views. Lokesh gamer free fire net worth is around 4 crore. This income is roughly idea it can even increase if his views and subscribers keep increasing.

Is lokesh gamer is noob ??

Well in short NO, because he is successful on youtube you can find thousand of pro players in free fire but not everyone is youtuber or his income is more than him. He is youtuber and he makes videos to earn more audience and money. He can buy any expensive gun skins with best attributes.

This gets so viral because he had done custom match with foreign youtuber or famous free fire player. He had defeated him badly, But you can’t judge on single match. He had played around 100 matches on starting season and had won more than 41 with kd 4 also defeated avg 4 players.

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