Gamer fleet Income, Net worth, Bike collection, House

Gamer fleet Income, Net worth, Bike collection, House

Gamer fleet Income, he is a YouTuber, Streamer currently he is having millions of subscriber gamer fleet had collab with India’s big YouTubers including carryminati having highest subscriber channel in India.

Gamer fleet is an inspiration and a source of motivation for many youths, Gamers who want to start a YouTube channel. Gamer fleet had said “I don’t have anything to lose” Gamer fleet comes from a middle-class background and he has nothing to lose.

 Gamer fleet Income

 When he came on youtube he is struggling like others for not getting views and subscribers for his poor financial condition he had work in Delhi, Bombay.

 He had done jobs in Delhi for his two times meal In video he had told me that his was not saving anything at that time I was not laving enough money to save to start his career in YouTube.

whatever he earns at that time on the last day of the month he was not having anything. He decided to quit his job and to see some reach in YouTube.

Gamer fleet Income

  Gamer fleet monthly income is more than 7 lakhs in Indian rupees, main income is from adsense and brands promotions.

Gamer fleet had work hard to become a big youtube, he is now streaming with popular carryminati Aka Ajey Nagar who is  having highest number of subscribers in India.

 Gamer fleet Income

 He had collab with big youtubers in India like carryminati, techno gamer, total gaming started playing chess with BM Samay Raina.

Gamer fleet gamer lead from not having anything to buying dream PC, and a bike of his dream.  He is the one who proved dreams come true if you work hard if you truly passionate about your dream.

He also plays chess with his friend Suhani shah and BM Samay raina.

 Gamer fleet in Old emotional video where he had told us he was son of bus conductor and in the same school an incident happen when his school planned a trip.

 after the trip every student when returning to bus getting pettis (A Indian snack) so he was not having money and his trip was free  when we enter the bus he took one Pettis and had eaten it.

 So he had not wait for this and this snack was Limited so his teacher embarrassed him by saying that you wanted to eat everything and do trip in free.

 after this incident  hi he had not gone in any school trip but now he is living his life from traveling to Bombay or Delhi for this vacation to buying a Dream bike and going for a ride. Recently Sourav joshi became India’s top vlogger on youtube.

 Success does not see your background from where you came or which university, education it only sees your hard work, sacrifice.

 Gamer fleet Net worth

Gamer fleet net worth is 1 crore and he is having the potential to earn more than 7 lakhs in Indian rupees his videos average get more than a million views in just 24 hour.

Gamer fleet is born in Uttarakhand, Haldwani it is a small place and famous by BM Samay Raina he had recently uploaded vlog on Haldwani.

Gamer fleet is officially announced he going to purchase a Car. He had already booked his brand new car because of waiting period he will get delivery late.

 Gamer fleet Income
Fleet interview in abp news

Gamer Fleet Net worth in 2022

Net Worth 2022 1.20 Crores INR
Favorite Song Kaun tujhe
 Favorite Actor Akshay kumar
Favorite Place Dubai
Favorite Youtuber Sourav joshi
Favorite Singer Arjit Singh
Favorite Tv Show Kapil sharma
Favorite Cartoon Doraemon
Favorite Cricketer Virat kohli

BM samay raina recently won COB 5

He had worked with many big brands in India, also he is having a lot of followers on Instagram you know Instagram is a direct place of influencers to brand his average post or photo get millions of likes.