Raistar real photo

Raistar real photo, free fire Id, Monthly income, Kd many more

Raistar real photo is very difficult to find he had not revealed his face. Raistar id is the most expensive id in free fire, Raistar is top free fire player and youtuber in India. He is called fastest player in free fire, he had achieved titles Grandmaster, highest in kills, Number one in Asia. Raistar he is good friend of famous free fire streamer Gyan gaming. Raistar real photo, monthly income and many more.

Raistar real photo, Raistar free fire id

He is currently having millions of subscribers on his youtube channel name Raistar. Raistar is famous when he had reached top global grandmaster in the free fire. Also, he is the top player who had the highest kills in solo globally. He is pro player who gives one tap headshot.

Raistar had never shown his real face in his youtube channel or anywhere. Raistar real photo can be found in gyan gaming live stream. Raistar birthday comes in 17th march, he had recently celebrated his birthday on gyan house.


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Raistar real photo

Raistar real photo in internet is very rare because he had not streamed or shown his face anywhere. We have exclusive photo that is available with us only. Raistar is top free fire player not only in India but in asia. Many wants to know his sensitivity settings in free fire.

Raistar real photo

But his movement speed is fast then normal because he has been playing this game from starting. Some players are even started saying hacker to him. He his pro free fire player and had not used any scripts. Raistar keep following this trend no face reveal.

Raistar real photo

Many big youtubers like sk sabir boss, Total gaming, Raistar more had never shown their faces. Raistar got famous in free fire because of his game skills, Also this one tap shots, up and down tricks are started by them only. There are so many players who left this game but very few plays for years and their level 80+ says it.

Raistar celebrating birthday

Garena free fire collab with Ronaldo, top bollywood actor rajkumar rao, they both promoted this game.

Raistar free fire id

Raistar free fire id is not famous for buying elite passes, characters, gun skins, but because his achievements in game anyone with money can buy gun skins, elite passes but not his achievements. He had reached the grandmaster level without takling help of anyone, Not even using any rank cards his level is near 80 and it is not possible to have rank cards in this level id.

Raistar free fire id

Raistar id is also having the highest kills in recent season in free fire he had reached asia top in kills. Some free fire players play for wins and another go for kills. Raistar id had collab with top famous YouTubers. Many free fire player knows his name. Raistar upload videos of his gameplay he had never streamed or shown his face. Ajju bhai id is also the rarest id in free fire.

He also does not add his original voice audio he uses some audio changer and change it to kid voice when streaming with gyan gaming. Raistar id in free fire is this is real id you can check his likes and elite passes. There are so many fake ids with name raistar.

Raistar monthly income

Raistar monthly income many his fans asked this, Raistar main source of income is from youtube only. These are the ways in which raistar earn money. This also depends on his views and subscribers raistar average video crosses 100k views. He gets a payout from google Adsense.

  • Sponserships
  • Donation via (paytm)
  • Superchats
  • Insta

Raistar monthly income is more than 3lakhs in indian rupees, his annual income can go even 40 lakhs. His total views in youtube channel is more than 74 million.

Raistar game stats shows it all he had played 77 games in squad and had defeated 700 players kd must be more than 5. He is just active on his youtube channel and dont make new posts on other social media. You can find his official email in abut section of his channel

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