Mukesh ambani Income, Networth, Cars collection

Mukesh Ambani Income, he is the richest person in India and ranks 12 in the world. He is managing director of Reliance Industries. He was born in 19 April 1957, He had learned leadership, business from his father Dhirubhai Ambani who started Reliance. He is currently richest person in Asia with an income more than $80 billion.

Mukesh Ambani Income

Mukesh ambani father had started a business in textiles and spices. He had studied from Sr. Xavier pursued Btech in Chemical engineering. Later he went for MBA from Stanford University and then he left to run father’s business.

Mukesh Ambani Income

Mukesh Ambani monthly income, According to reports he had earned more than 80 Crores per hour. He is the richest person in India. He owns the Antillia 27 storey building in Mumbai which cost more than $1.5 billion. It includes 650 workers for maintenance it also have 3 helipads, 500 Cars parking, luxury swimming pool.

Mukesh Ambani Income

Anitillia comes under the most expensive building in the world. Mukesh Ambani had gifted her wife a plane AirbusA320 which cost $70 million dollars. He also owns the richest team Mumbai Indians who are the toughest team and had won many times.

They had launched JIO and marked a record with more than 400 million users in months. JIO is India’s best telecom company providing service at a low cost. JIO had a partnership with google in billion-dollar deal to make JIO smartphones.

JIO recently planned to launch 5G in India, Government had given permission to selected operators to run trial on 5G in India.

Mukesh ambani Net worth

Mukesh Ambani Net worth is 8100 crores, he is richest person in Asia and according to forbers ranks 12 in the world. He owns many hospitals, Schools and property in India.

He had gifted his daughter Sea facing bungalow in Mumbai which is second most expensive and luxury house.

Mukesh Ambani Income

Mukesh ambani is inspiration and role model for millions of people. He is greatest businessmen of all time, They had started their business on starting textiles and spices. From earning to four zeros to 16 zeros income per month. Recently Mukesh ambani got opportuning to meet former President of United States and he asked question to him what is your company 6 months turn over his reply shocked him he answered $10Billion.

Mukesh ambani owns famous Dhiru bhai ambani school and this school is first choice of Bollywood actors childs. He also owns Kokilaben hospital which comes under premium hospitals. Mukesh ambani also supports various foundations, charity.

Mukesh ambani daughter Isha ambani wedding comes under the most expensive wedding in the world. Many big leaders and Billionaires attended this wedding from Bollywood starts to Big politicians. Including Google CEO Sunder pichai, US ex secretory Hillary Clinton, Ratan tata.

According to reports he had booked more than 2000 luxury cars including Audis, Mercedes Benz, RangeRover. This wedding comes India’s richest wedding till now. Jio launched Jio gigafiber in India with cheapest plans.

Mukesh ambanis owns the richest cars collection in Asia. He is having all expensive, luxury cars which cost more than 15 Crores. Apart from cars collections he owns Helicopters, Personal luxry plane.

Apart from this he is also a good friend of Narendra Modia PM of India. Many parties alleges and critise his decision for helping his friend. In covid times India suffered huge loss and highest unemployment in the history of India. But still Ambani was under top 10 billionaires in world according to oppositions.

Mukesh ambani and wife Nita ambani respects every photographer and person. He does not have ego that he is riches person he is so kind and humble person. Nita ambani owns Mumbai Indians team in IPL and truly can be seen respect to each cricketers.

Nita ambani and Mukesh ambani recently joined in Hardik pandya and his brother wedding. They were also their on screening of Sachin Tendulkar Movie. Even they had host party on sachin tendulkar century in Antillia where many celebs had attained it.