Garena Free fire removed: Youtubers Reactions on ban

Garena free fire is removed from google play store and Apple app store. You cannot see game in google store and App store. Free fire latest new version Free fire Max is also missing on both platforms. Official statement from the company is missing.

Garena free fire is always been in news for their pay to win nature also many users scam their money. Krafton had officially lawsuit against free fire.

Garena free fire removed

Garen free fire company worth more than $2 Billion dollar revenue in past years but always in criticism for making players to purchase items. They make unfair like character skills, ability and other make kids to stole money.

Many cases had come in India and even some players had died and it will not be shocked if free fire will be banned. Free fire is not free it is paid fire reported by a players.

Top up cost 100 diamonds for 80 Rs, and they make to loot you your account. This game makes players addicted and government is going to take action.

Garena free fire banned in India

Garena free fire will banned in India because many reports are coming that children are getting addicted and loosing their money. Many had misused their debit and credit card.

They make unequal game matches that will force to purchase diamonds. Many users report to spam giveaways if we see to Pubg and other gamers they don’t buy pay to win features.

They had not added characters ability, Guns attributes. Many government Ministers had raised their issue on this game.

Recently one free fire player don’t have money to purchase item he stoled money from temple to topup. These cases are increasing and action must needed either free fire make it completely free like only on skills.

Pubg was also banned after years it come as BGMI and only indian server players can play.

Free fire is having highest active players only from India.

free fire removed

Youtubers reactions on ban of free fire

This is shocking news for free fire players in India but ar the same time their are many users who are happy? Because they are frustrated of greed of company to toup and recharge buy skins and items.

Carryminati said it will come just like pubg after years.

Also many scams are done by both bgmi and free fire YouTubers. They do scam of super chat they tell the audience I am doing a giveaway of free fire or bgmi diamonds. If you super chat me dash amount i will give diamonds.

Once these users give super chat on youtube they block them instantaneously when they say i Dont received diamonds.

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Free fire pay to win game?

Characters plus guns skins

They keep adding new characters and guns skins. If they had launched character like alok or double damage gun. Then after few weeks they will launch another with more powers and abilities. This means new character will be more powerful then oldone you had purchased.

Thatr means you had wasted your all money and diamonds if they launch another character, In a one year they launch more than 100 plus guns skins, characters and pets with special ability.

Hp characters

After doing these things Garena doest not stop now Free fire launch a new character called Alok where it can instantly increase health for 15 to 20seconds. Its cost is around 600 diamonds. Means if u have money then u can buy all characters with a special skill which will help him in game. Not only characters also even in pets like the panda, dog, cat, Falco every pet has a special skill which will help u in-game.

 Gun skins 

Everyone likes a new gun skins right? No u are wrong but what if a gun skin increases damages, Rate of fire, Recoil. By these gun skin noob who can afford gun skins can easily kill pro player.    Gunpower with skins: I bullet will give around 40 damage without gun skin is only 20 with so many recoils.