How much dynamo gaming earn monthy amazing

How much dynamo gaming earn monthy amazing

who is dynamo gaminghow much dynamo earn monthly so today we will talk about famous youtuber dynamo gaming who do pubg live stream on youtube. I will tell you the real name of dynamo most of the people don’t know about this.


dynamo gaming
How much dynamo gaming earn monthy amazing

Who is dynamo gaming

As I had told you earlier he is the most popular youtuber famous for doing  pubg live streams and also he is the founder of hydra clan in pubg. And his youtube channel Dynamo gaming is the fastest growing channel in youtube he is currently having 3.3 million subscriber.
He do live streaming in pc but from past weeks he started doing live streaming on mobile than you will ask him which model or phone he use he is currently having latest launch Iphone10 or 11.

Real life

NAME – Aadi Sawant
DOB –   18 April 1996
AGE – 24 yrs
BIRTH PLACE  –  Mumbai
If you are pro in pubg mobile and want to know how to join hydra clan then you must know there requirements because they never take you in there clan if you are noob or you have low level or kd rate. I have read some where that if you have  60 level in pubg level then they will take yopu easily.

Dynamo earning monthly exposed

We all know that if you are famous on youtuber than you earning will be amazing but wait there is not only one way to earn money. If your audience follow you, support you than they also helps you financially also.


We all know this youtube update that you could super chat from Rs 20/- to 10000/- and donate to them and he is having 3 million subs and many of them superchat him. According to me he earn from superchat monthly maybe 40,000 thousand.

From youtube 

His earning from google adsense monthly maybe INR 1lakh rupees its not shocking if people are loving your content that’s why I advice people through my post upload what audience want’s from you.

Affiliate marketing

He can also earn from affiliate marketing if you do noty believe me than check his video description and see some links are given about his mic, processor, keyboard, mouse and if somebody buy from there than some commission on each product he can earn.

Social media

I follow him on instagram he is having millions of followers on insta also than he can earn more than 50k monthly. I will provide you some best images of dynamo gaming.


Dynamo gaming
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dynamo gaming exposed


dynamo gaming earning exposed


dynamo gaming exposed

Dynamo gaming setup

Now we will talk about some of his expensive gaming setup about processors, cpu, ram etc .


  • MONITOR BenQ XL24300T
  • HEADSET Razer Kraken 7.1 & Logitech G430 7.1 Surround
  • KEYBOARD Razer Blackwidow tournament edition
  • MOUSE Razer Naga Molten Edition & Logitech G600
  • MOUSE PAID Steelseries Navi Edition
Dynamo gaming id in Pubg mobile id  – 591948701

Dynamo gaming social

So if you want more about him than below links can help you :
Youtube his official channel 


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