What is OTG? 3 Awesome ways to use OTG cabel on your smartphone

OTG is now very popular which make your smartphone more smart it is used by many android user. We will tell you what is OTG? or full form of OTG in english.  Unfortunately this function will work only in some selected devices.

If your smartphone is 10 yrs old than may or may not run this function. If you have latest phone. Your smartphone has Usb port which you can attach OTG cable to convert your smartphone. You can attach Pendrive to your smartphone.

 3 awesome ways to use otg cabel on your smartphones.

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What is OTG cable? 

In simple language OTG cable is a popular device in which you can connect your mobile or Tablets with 
  • Pendrives
  • Game controllers
  • External mobile keyboard
  • Connect Dongles in Tablets 3g mobiles
What is OTG
What is OTG

What is the full form of OTG in english

OTG stands for Usb on-the-go as i tell you earlier you can connect keyboard, pendrive to your smartphone or tablets using USB c port.
This is advanced technology those who don’t know that they can play games or connect pendrive to get urgent documents.

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1. How to Connect pendrive to your smartphone

What is OTG
What is OTG

You can connect your pendrive to your smartphone by just connecting your pendrive and OTG cabel. Your phone must be advanced to use this feature. You can follow below steps to connect pendrive to your smartphone using OTG cabel.

  1. First see your OTG cabel is working or not.
  2. Connect cabel to your mobile and see some icon on your mobile.
  3. Connect your pendrive to other end of cabel.
  4. You are ready to use pendrive in file storage.

 2. How to use OTG cabel in your 2g Tablet 

Well this is surprising that you can use 3g internet connection on your 2g tablets. This is useful to less because everbody is using latest phones and these phones already have 4g connectivity. 
We are talking about OTG so you must know this follow these below steps to use 3g or 4g connection by using OTG cabel
  1. Your tablet must support this function.
  2. Connect OTG cabel to your tablet.
  3. You need 3g or 4g dongle.
  4. Connect Dongle to your tablet by using otg cabel
  5. Enjoy 4g internet connection on 2g tablet.

3. How to connect DSLR to your smartphone using OTG cabel

What is OTG?
What is OTG?

This trick is awesome for the photographers because they can simply connect their smartphone to Dslr. Just imagine they don’t need any expensive i-Mac. We are talking only in emergency if you need to send some important image that you click.
This trick is also best for those who do photoshoot they can instantly send their photos to someone. Just follow below steps to connect dslr to smatphone using otg cabel.
  1. You need a good otg cabel i.e in working mode.
  2. Connect one end to mobile and other to dslr.
  3. Do some settings on mobile and dslr.
  4. You are connected.


We just published a post on What is OTG? 3 Awesome ways to use OTG cabel on your smartphone.    If you have any question than fell free to comment.

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