Ungraduate gamer Monthly income, Free fire id, many more

Ungraduate gamer is a youtube channel which uploads free fire videos on youtube. Ungraduate gamer monthly income is 3lakhs per month, Ungraduate gamer free fire id, Real face and many more. His real name is ayush aka Ungraduate gamer.

His youtube channel has hacked many times, He had collaborated big free fire youtubers gyan gaming, total gaming. Ungraduate gamer currently having more than 5 million subscribers and this will change. He had recieved youtube awards silver and golden play button.

Ungraduate gamer Monthly income

He is one of old free fire streamer who had played this game from starting his current free fire level is around 79. He loves to spend diamonds on purchasing new gun skins and on exciting events.

Ungraduate gamer Monthly income

Ungraduate gamer monthly income is around 2-3 lakhs he earn good amount from youtube. He is having iphone 12, i-pad mainly used for making his youtube videos, live streams, And also to avoid lag.

Youtube creator’s income comes from google adsense where they get money if someone clicks on ads. His average videos goes around 100k views. The income of ungraduate gamer is from many sources such as Instagram, Sponserships, Paid reviews, Free fire partnership program.

Ungraduate gamer Monthly income

He gets free diamonds from free fire also get permanent gun skins token which is provided by garena only. His average views on videos is 100k. His main audience age is from (18-25).

There is currently no information on his college, school we will update this when gets correct information. His level in free fire is 79 so you know he is pro or noob. He had also reached grandmaster (highest level in free fire).

By playing with his squad he reached this achievement. He had also collab with two side gamer.

Ungraduate gamer free fire id

Ungraduate gamer free fire id is 256205699 this id worth lakhs of INR. He is having all expensive gun skins, character, cloths. There are so many players in free fire who never think before spending money in this game. By seeing his statics of game this is cleared he played mostly squad game.

Ungraduate gamer Monthly income

His new seasons stats shows us he had played rank 125 matches out of he won 91. Kills in these matches 587 kd must be greater than 3. There are so many player who try to push their rank in free fire but failed to reach because of double rank token and rank drop.

Many free fire players and big youtuber raised this issue with garena free fire either they close all rank tokens and no rank drop card. Also there are so many youtubers or free fire players who share their id to everyone. If inspect any top grandmaster level id it will show you playing or online every time.

Which not possible for single person to play continously 24hrs. Some even add hacker in his match to increase its rank points.

Ungraduate gamer photo

Not every subscriber knows his real name and photo, Ungraduate gamer’s real name is Ayush his real photo is attached, This trend of not showing real name or photo is maybe in free fire streamers only. Total gaming is currently having more than 21million subscribers still he has not shown his face for some reason. His youtube channel having 5.1 million subscriber

Ungraduate gamer Monthly income

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