Top 7 Free fire tips and tricks in 2021

Free fire tips and tricks

Free fire tips and tricks that will make you advanced pro player in free fire. If you had just started playing free fire then you need to work on your skills. Free fire is a very popular game having different servers.

If you became pro player in free fire then you can reach grandmaster (highest rank in free fire). Rank push will be more easy if you play with squad because you will also get chance for revive.

These free fire pro tips not only make you Pro you will also get a roughly idea for your competition. These are the updated free fire tips and tricks in 2021. Recently free fire and football player Christiano Ronaldo had a partnership.

Free fire always tries to reach its audience in India free fire already partnership with many biggies like Actor Rajkumar rao. Free fire events are almost same in different countries. Some events came early like in server brasil.

Free fire players can change their server to see New free fire event.

Free fire tips and tricks

We are now providing you free fire tips and tricks and after this you will pro player. If you just started playing free fire then you must know current free fire season. There are many free fire player playing from season 1.

Free fire tips and tricks

Hip hop bundle was the first dress come on season 1 free fire. Free fire is now completed 16 seasons. When you have high level or rankl in free fire you will also get pro players in your lobby.

Highest free fire account if you even playing this game from season 5 is 72. This level in free fire increases according to your performance in game. Like if you had defeated single whole team then your level will increase fast.

Free fire settings

Default settings in free fire is actually good for begineers, You change your control setting preferences changing fire buttons, scope. You dont need to change aim and other settings.

Default setting are recommended for begineers many pro players play on precise on scope but you dont have to.

Free fire tips and tricks

You change on contro settings selecting Left fire always. Place this left fire button on top. And when some enemy come you shoot with opening and closing scope.

This is auto aim headshop in free fire. Many pro players even use this settings. There was some bug on free fire of headshot but it will not work today because it has been removed.

Called sit and up what you have to do is whrn you see some enemy just set fire arrow in his position and then sit and up while using fire button.

While standing up use fire button and HEADSHOT!!

Free fire setting is very important and newbie just left it unchanged.

Avoid Open locations

Avoiding open location in free fire is game changing free fire tips. When you are looting in open places or just hanging without any cover then consider this match ends.

Free fire tips and tricks

Pro players never leave cover spot. They take their spot and let enemy to come and do suprise attack. Looting in open places is very dangerous because your enemy can hide behind trees or some spot.

Once he found you in open place he will directly give you headshots. And you will not have single source to hide.

Safe zone in free fire

On starting safe zone and danger zone are very differnet. On starting free fire days there was not so much damage zone give. If you compare this today if you left behind safe zone you will killed there only.

Free fire gives you free character named Ford which will decrease damage given by danger zone. It will help you to survive and do medikets in zone.

This will give you plus points during battle with enemy.

Characters ability in free fire

When we talk about characters in free fire they all comes with special ability and If you use these character ability wisely then you increase your survival chances.

Just keep in mind if you wants to increase your free fire rank then you dont need to fight with enemies. Pro player in free fire even avoid fighting with enemy and increase chances of survival.

The more you survive in this game the more rank points you will get. These are the list of old free fire characters from season 1.

Kia- This character can give max 100 hp damage with single fist if you upgrade this character to highest level.

Maxim- This character can take medikets fast then usual.

Kelly- This is female character and increase running speed.

Ford: Help you in danger zone.

Andrew: This character increase vest and helmet durablity.

There many characters are launched by free fire one of the most famous character is DJ alok. If you dont know this character is based on real Famous DJ alok

Ability it increase hp during fight with enemies.

Dont ignore pets because these pets also come with special skills.

Gunskins in free fire

Gunskins, bags, characters made this more interesting. Gunskins have both pros and cons. There are many players in free fire who cant get new gunskins and other.

When game forces player to purchase things than it is thumbs down. Characters dj alok, Gunskins make this game money based game.

Gunskins have abiliy like rate of fire, Double damage, Recoil etc if you are a expierenced player then you know this but still free fire gives free gun skins on events.

Free fire gives you free gun skins and special offer to buy diamonds. Like if you buy diamonds then you will also get free skins with limited time.

Free fire events

Free fire events comes with special offers, You just need to focus on new upcoming events. Because when you buy these things on event you will discount, new chracters, Gunskins, bags.

Free fire events can give you even free skins and bags. During these events you will easily get many things.

Play Single vs duo

You wants to increase confidence in free fire then start playing duo vs squad, or play single vs duo. Playing this mode will make you pro player also it will upgrade you skills.

Working on these free fire tips and tricks will make you pro player. If you find this post helpful share it.


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