Techno gamerz monthly income

Techno gamerz monthly income, Networth, Girlfriend

Techno gamerz monthly income, networth his youtube channel is having around 17.6 subscribers. He had already passed 10 million with the lightening speed his real name is Ujjwal chaurasia. He is famous for playing GtaV, Granny and minecraft and curious to play trending game.

Techno gamerz also have another channel name ujjwal chaursia which is also having millions of subscribers. There is no denying fact he is top gaming creator in india. He also do or join charity streams to help people.

Techno gamerz is a youtuber who do his own work and never found in controversy never had used these methods to get recognition.

Techno gamerz monthly income

Techno gamerz monthly income is 16 Lakhs in INR he indirectly said he can purchase 8 Royal enfields every month. Main earning sources is from youtube, brands promotions, Superchats, Sponsers.

Techno gamerz is successful youtuber there are millions of channel but only few get success. Some small youtubers struggle with there problems then finances of not having any setup or gaming pc. Ujjwal charsia his all streams having more than 100k Watching and millions of likes.

His surname charasia you will see vey less people as youtubers charasiyas are basically famous for continuing family business. Some says what it takes to become a succesful youtuber according to him hardwork and luck.

Techno gamerz monthly income he had not told but he had given a hint that he can buy 6 royal enfields monthly. Techno gamerz is youtuber, vlogger, Rapper he had recently released Game on song or rap which is having more than 40 million views.

He is perfect example When life gives you lemon make it lemonade you keep doing things and one day you will succesful. When gta V launched everyone making videos on it and his videos went viral having 30 million plus views.

He had tried all games and mainly focus on Gtav, minecraft his all videos releated to these are viral which made him to upload these only. He interested in call of duty mobile and had also tried free fire.

Pubg in India is having million of active users and they are highest in the world. Pubg fan base in india is highest among all many youtuber are famous for this game only like dynamo, scout, mortal.

Pubg is banned in India and recently by krafton Battle grounds mobile India BGMI is launched early access you can see in just two days 30 millions plus pre register. Early access was open for only minutes and then they closed because of excess users.

BGMI is going to launch very soon in India and you can also play by downloading from tap tap.

Techno gamerz monthly income in 2023

Real Name

Ujjwal Chaursiya

Techno gamerz monthly income

16 Lakhs INR

Techno gamerz Net worth

16 Crore INR


17.6 Million


Delhi, India



Favourite game

Minecraft, Gta v, Pubg

Favourite Celebs

Akshay kumar

Favourite singer

Arijit singh

Favourite movie

Shawshank redemption

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Techno gamerz Networth

Techno gamerz Networth is around 16 crores in INR he is top gaming creator in India. His earning sources is from brands promotion, Sponsers, Superchats and other. Techno gamerz is having more than 17.6 million subscribers and in every stream he gets more than $200 Superchats.

Techno gamerz

You can also include membership money many had already purchased it. Techno gamerz had already published video on his most expensive gaming pc setup. Techno gamerz aka Ujjwal chaursiya was average or below average in study.

This perception made by society IF you are not good in study they you can’t be succesful they had proved it wrong. He is having interest in gaming and other things than study same goes to Dynamo, Carryminati even dynamo speaks on his stream when he had purchased Audi.

I know I was below average in the study but still, I am earning more than my friend who was a topper and from a reputed college.

You can’t ignore Soul Mortal they had also proved this wrong at they age of 22 they had purchased a seperate gaming house in Bombay. You can see Mr beast with more than 50 million subscriber he had not hide his 1k subs video. He gets new lakhs of subcriber every day and his channel once was struggling to get 1K.

BGMI release date

Battle grounds mobile India release date many are excited for the official release of this game. BGMI recently added early access and in just two days 7 million plus downloads. BGMI is currently not available to download from Playstore but it is available in Tap tap.

Techno gamerz game on

In this version Indian pubg players data will be stored in India server only pubg fans in India had faced more than 1 year to play. Also many players have problem with game free fire who forces his players to purchase diamonds. They add double damage gun skins and characters like alok to make it unfair.

Many free fire players under age 16 died for this game or some had misused their parent’s credit, debit cards. By giving this to some stranger. Recently in newspaper some teenagers stolen money from temple to recharge or topup diamond. And it was less than 500 rupees when his dad denies to topup,

Free fire game is more harmful because it enforces you to topup. Thats why pubg fans angry on goverment of India for not doing any action. Some pubg players also trolling that those who are saying to ban pubg game are tweeting from Chinese phone.

Techno gamerz girlfriend

According to sources techno gamerz girlfriend is Sneha and many youtuber asked him. In his every streams Sneha is spam by his subscribers. No story is covered by him either he is dating or not. Techno gamerz game on rap shocked his subscribers he was so good.

Techno gamerz can purchase new Mercedes benz, Audi, Range Rover just like other youtubes Flying beast or Nikhil. Sourav Joshi had beated Flying beast and became India’s top vlogger with highest subscribers.