Technical guruji monthly income, girlfriend, Cars collection

Technical guruji monthly income, girlfriend, cars collection, technical guruji is one of the eldest tech channel on youtube and Now technical guruji is the most subscriber channel in the tech category. His real name is Gaurav Chaudhary and currently lives in dubai.

Technical guruji monthly income

Technical guruji also have many income sources such as family business, two youtube channel and many other. He is also a lover of cars other then mobiles. His collection in cars include mercedes porshe

Technical guruji channel also giveaway expensive giveaways including buying 12 iphones 12 worth $12000 or buying samsung S21 which worth 15 lakhs in INR.

Technical guruji monthly income

Technical guruji monthly income is around $15000 and his yearly income is more than $33.2 million dollar. He lives in dubai but comes in india every two to three time in month. He always preferred first class ticket in which worth

Technical guruji monthly income

Apart from this he is also having family business which he had not speak till now officially. He is also having two youtube channel technical guruji having more than 21million subscribers and gaurav Chaudhary having 5 million subscriber recently he even started 3rd channel name TG shorts.

Technical guruji had recently giveaway expensive iphone 12 with real gold on it which worth around $5 million dollar according to him. Technical guruji had started this channel in 2015. Many big brands like MI, Xiaomi, Micromax, Samsung all these brands manager in India knows his number.

Technical guruji monthly income

And his all videos are getting millions of subscribers. He also earns from brands promotions, Donation, Sponsers. He is having all iphones from starting to currently iphone 12 and all samsung expensive models. He make videos at the time of release. If we dont find these new models he orders from foreign countries giving extra cost more than MRP.

Technical guruji Monthly income in 2021

Name (channel)

Technical guruji

Real Name

Gaurav Chaudhary

Technical guruji Monthly income


Technical guruji Monthly income INR

6-8 Lakhs INR

Technical guruji Net worth

$55 Million

Technical guruji Net worth INR

6 Crore



Famous Quote

Chaliye shuru karte hai

Technical guruji aka Gaurav lives very luxurious life he stays in 5-star hotels to restaurants to gym. Also expensive cars Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Porshce.

Technical guruji monthly income

Technical Guruji monthly income last 5 years

Monthly income in 2021

8-10 Lakhs INR

Monthly income in 2020

5 Lakhs INR

Monthly income in 2019

4 Lakhs INR

Monthly income in 2018

3.2 Lakhs INR
Monthly income in 2017
2 Lakhs INR

Technical Guruji income from YouTube in Rupees

Technical guruji income is 2021 is his monthly income is around $10 million dollar and his yearly income is $33 million dollar.

In Indian rupees his income is around 12 lakhs per month and his yearly income can go upto 10 crores. He is having many property in india as well in dubai.

Technical guruji income in 2021, 2020 year and even this is really tough for many people around the world many had lost their jobs, life and not everything will come quickly normal. However many had grown their incomes in these hard times. Many YouTubers income, businessmen increase in this time.

Technical guruji monthly income

Because of lockdown everyone was in home there audience and views increase rapidly getting million of view just one hour. Many tiktokers, gamers got famous in thime and there life is changed now. but due to ban of pubg and tiktok there income is reduced.

Technical guruji channel is top channel in technogy aprt from this he is also having good friends in bollywood also like honey singh, Kapil sharma, badshah many more. You cnm compare him in 2015 and in 2021 because of hardwork and consistent work he is in this position.

He is also a good friend of carryminati aka ajey nagar and he is also having 23 million subscribers he is rapper, gamer and roaster.

Technical guruji monthly income

He also tells that in his journey there are so many ups and down but he still stick to it. There are so many youtubers who make channel but then they left because they are not getting views. On starting nobody gets views or subcribers You must know mr beast which is having around 50 million subscriber.

On his channel he did not deleted 1k subscriber video and he had made a seperate video, Now he is having 50 million plus subscriber and gets lakhs of subcribers just in a day.

Technical guruji cars collection

There are the cars below technical guruji had purchased it and all are expensive cars.

Mercedes Wagon

Mercedes wagon is popular model and this is best for off roading according to experts. it maximum speed is around 280km. Price range in India of this car is around 2 crores.

BMW 750 li

This is also one of the top model of BMW its price range is around 2 crores INR. This is expensive car with all luxury features.

Rolls Royce phantom

He personally like Rolls royce all models and he is having many rolls royce this phantom is also most expensive premium car in out list. This model is fully self customised price of this car is around 3 crore in INR. This is first choice of riches in there list.

Technical guruji monthly income

Technical guruji early life

Technical guruji aka gaurav born in India on he done his schooling from govt school then he leave India done further studies from dubai. He was also doing job in 2014 and started a youtube channel in 2015. On starting he upload videos on basic technology stuff like how internet works.

Then after he started unboxing and reviewing latest relased phones and his videos then started getting viral. His most famous word is chaliye shuru karte hai. His brother name is pradeep chaudhary.

Then after yrs of work he is successful on youtube having highest subscribers around 21 million. His family left india but they are also having alot of property in india also, Technical guruji house in Dubai is also most luxury and premium according to experts it worth more than 50 crores seeing rates of property in dubai.

Dubai is one of the most expensive and number one choice for touristers or foreigners where burj khalifa (tallest building), world’s highes restraunts and there are so many world records.

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