Paytm kyc: How to complete kyc in Paytm

If you are also getting message in paytm complete your Paytm kyc before date otherwise you account will frozen or you have some limit like limited adding money in paytm wallet. For Paytm kyc you need valid documents such as Pancard, Aadhaar card etc.

These e wallets are super popular by the end of last year when demonetisation takes place in India. Its a fact that when people does not have cash in hand then he will obviously use digital transaction or e wallets like paytm, mobiwek etc.

Paytm kyc: How to complete kyc in Paytm
Paytm kyc: How to complete kyc in Paytm

Why you need to complete kyc in Paytm

If you complete your paytm kyc you will get extra benefits from other who is no completing it.
Like it is Mandatory now to complete kyc in paytm or other wallets. Completing kyc simply means your data or your information like address proof, valid documents. 
You know these information are very important in India. Well it is easy to complete kyc in paytm earlier in paytm if you wants to complete kyc some paytm agent will come in your home and check you valid identity such as Aadhaar card, pan card, Driving license etc.
On checking this the paytm wallet on you registered number will be activated within minutes.

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Benefits on completing kyc in paytm

What benefits or reward you will get on completing kyc in paytm. You can add extra money in your paytm wallet. There is limit for non completing kyc user is only 10,000/- Rs only but if you complete you kyc in paytm than you can add even 1 lakh rupees.
You will also get exciting deals on paytm mall by completing kyc. Fast one day delivery or some movie vouchers. It is easy to book tickets on paytm by Train, flights or bus just a tap can confirm your tickets.
Cashbacks like everyone loves getting cashback on every transactions. You will also get coupons of mobile recharge like First100 can get 100/- Rs off. You can also order dominos and recieve extra cashbacks.

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How to complete kyc in paytm

  1. For completing kyc in paytm download Paytm app or visit
  2. Then you see in first page complete kyc option just tap that option.
  3. You will be asked to submit some of your documents to verify kyc in paytm.
  4. Documents needed to verify Aadhaar card, Pan card, Voter id.
  5. After submiting these documents you verified your paytm account you can also check blue tick on paytm.


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