Nikhil Kamath accused cheating in chess beating Vishy anand

Zerodha co founder and an billionair accused cheating in chess. Akhshay patra foundation charity stream to support people in covid and to help by giving free food. Five times world champion vishwanath Anand he defeated on live stream on chess india youtube channel.

Many big celebs including Amir Khan, singer Arijit singh, Ritish Deshmukh, Sajid Nadiawala, Kichha Sudeep. They all are present on this stream to raise fund famouns commentator Samay raina and WGM Tania were also present. Chess community raised serious concern on this live chess cheating.

Nikhil Kamath accused cheating in chess later even banned the id of nikhil kamath after so many user report to found clear. Many Grandmaster also reacted including GM Hikaru his rating with vishy was around 400 – 500 and it is clear that he had cheated.

No 400 rated player can make these moves many got shocked when vishy lost the game. Even nikhil Kamath said he had not touched chess for years and they had won.

Nikhil Kamath accused cheating in chess

GM vishyanand resign the game aganist him when his rook was pinned and he know he had lost the game. He was playing with 4 people at the same time. Vishyanand was easy to play aganist 400 player and to raise money to charity.

Many users on livestream only understand he had used chess engine like stockfish to find best moves aganist him. Another reason to doubt him is that his accuracy with five times world champion was 99.0. Even vishyanand was having around 92.

Amir khan loves to play chess and he had found many time playing in his free time or in shootings. Amir khan is also a good friend of champion vishy. Many vishy fans are angry it was a stream of charity and to embarres five time world champion.

Nikhil Kamath accused cheating in chess

After this Nikhil kamath indirectly said I had not played fair game and defeated vishy anand. Many responses came after including AICF All indian chess foundation “it was a bad move for kamath”

Amir khan said he wants to learn more chess, he had never trained just play normal stuff. Nikhil Kamath id is currently suspended they found cheating.

Nikhil Kamath accused cheating in chess

According to sources vishy anand don’t wants to comment on this match. He had tweeted

Nikhil Kamath accused cheating in chess

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