Jiofi 3 review – Jio scam, Check speed, Price, Battery damage

I had recently purchase Jio 4g hotspot and I will share my expierence with you. Firstly I buy this 4g hotspot or Jiofi 3 at online store and I got this at Rs 999/- but you will have to pay around Rs 1115/-.

I don’t know why I had to pay Rs 1150/- instead of Rs 999/-  this is so frustrating. Jio delivery boy said you will have to give 1150/- anyhow.

Jiofi 3 review
Jiofi 3 review

Jiofi 3 Inside box

When I open box jiofi 3 is not working then I check some manuals you will get a box with charger, and a damaged battery.

The battery I got is not fitting inside the Jio fi 3 and I can’t start my device.

So then I called some customer service and they never bother what your problem is if you ask why Jio is slow they all will say we are workinng on it.

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Jiofi 3 review
Jiofi 3 review

Battery scam 100%

When my device reached at my home I open the box the seal is already open means thier staff members knows that battery is damaged but still they shipped damaged device.
Please don’t buy anything from because they sell damaged, replaceable products at high price.
Battery is damaged that it is not fitting inside Jiofi 3 so my device is not starting.
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Jiofi 3 review
Jiofi 3 review

Customer service centre

Then I know I had to go Jio service centre  but there behaviour with customers are worst they never do work in time. 
I visit more than 5 times in a week for new battery. When I tell my situation they say they will order battery and it will take around 6 working days.
After all this I got new battery.


Speed is normal around 2 to 3 mbps if you are using at 12:00 pm then your speed will be 2 mbps but after 5 pm you will get around 5 mbps.

Jiofi 3 review

I had started hating jio sevices because i got damaged device after giving full payment on time. But when I got new battery and my device is working so then agin jio is in my good list.

Still good for me like if you do blogging or youtube then you need good internet connection but for blogging it is fine.

When I talk about youtube then NO don’t buy because on youtube you must have good upload speed. When you upload video on yoputube and video size is around 500mb then you will have to wait 4 hrs.

Because upload speed is not even 1mb. Buy from trusted sites like or 

Final words

At last its your money if you wants to buy Jiofi 3 then please read carefully. I am not saying it is bad or something follow us for more.

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