How to change font style in WhatsApp android

How to change font style in whatsapp android, yes you can change whatsapp font in chats, status, there are so many viral messages come and you will find some different font. Changing whatsapp font is very easy you just have to install application which will change font in whatsapp.

How to change font style in WhatsApp

If you are using whatsapp for years and you bored with same font, whatsapp is having billion of active users around world. This is purchased by facebook with billions of dollar deal. Whatsapp is now important for everyday life if you wants to connect with friends and family.

Many famous education institutes recommend to create their whats group as it will be easy to connect with student and teacher. So this app is not only used apart from funny jokes or video calling.

Change font style in WhatsApp

Changing font style in whatsapp from boring regular, it is so easy to change font in whatsapp you need to download app. We will tell you both ways to change font in whatsapp, you can download app and second way without any app.

How to change font style in WhatsApp

You can change font from regular to bold, italic without downloading any app or root. Back in two or three years user root their phones to change there font in whats app.

Change font style for whatsapp using app

There is app called Fonts keyboard you can download this app from google play store and after installing this app. When you will write some words it will change into stylish fonts. You can send messages in whatsapp with stylish fonts.

How to change font style in WhatsApp

You will get different types of free stylish fonts it will change for example you can change your name, status or send some message in stylish fonts. This app is free having millions of downloads and dont ask unneccssaty permissions.. Fonts keyboard app is currently having around 1 million plus downloads.

With an 4.6 user rating which tells every thing about this app,

Follow these steps to change whatsapp font style using fontskeyboard

  1. The first step is to download and install this app from play store.
  2. Then after downloading you will have to permissions like keyboard. You will see two options after download first is to change the keyboard. and after changing the keyboard you will get another option called select keyboard.
  3. After this many keyboards you had installed or come will show there you need to select this keyboard and you are done to use this app.
  4. After changing this you had completely changed your font in WhatsApp.

Change WhatsApp font with using website

If you don’t wanted to download any app on your smartphone then you just have to visit psfont website and you will be able to change whatsapp font. Like if you wanted to type in different font and send this message. Or you wanted this text to change your name, add some status.

How to change font style in WhatsApp

Then this will work also same without downloading any app. You will get special text, symbols different styles.

Change whatsapp font without using any app

You can change whatsapp font without using any app or website, if you dont wants to download any app or to visit any site. If just wanted to send important message to highlight text. Then this feature is best for you. If you dont like too much styles.

You also know that the more you make text stylish it will be more tough to read. Simple font text are easy to read and understand. With this option you can change your text to BOLD, ITALIC. You can bold and italic any specific word or a sentence.

To bold whatsapp text you need to use this sign star (*) or *. By using this on starting and ending of your word or sentence your text will be send as bold,

To make italic you need to use this underscor (_) or _ to make word or sentence italic. By using this font will change to italic

How to change youtube font in bold and italic

Now you know how to change whatsapp font with or without using any app. You also use youtube to follow your favourite youtuber, studying, entertaining videos. Do you know that if you need to change youtube font same this method works.

How to change font style in WhatsApp

You can change youtube font or text without using any app. You just need to do same if you wants to add some bold and italic. There are billions of users on youtube but very less know this method to change text into bold or italic.

To bold youtube text you need to use * in ending and starting of your sentence. For example you need to bold this text on youtube in comment section then you have to use *text* and it willl change to bold.

If you wants to change this to italic then you need to add _ and it will change to italic.

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