Gyan gaming Biography, Income, Net worth, Girlfriend

Gyan gaming Biography, Income, Net worth, Girlfriend

Gyan gaming is a popular gaming creator on youtube. Currently he is having millions subscribers, He is famous for the live streaming of free fire. He is the oldest free fire player having level around 74 which is huge.

We will talk about his monthly income from youtube, Relationship, and face.Gyan gaming Biography, Net worth, Income in 2022, He is doing live streaming of free fire for 2 years and had grown his channel from 0 to millions. He currently lives in west Bengal and can speak Bengali very fluently. He is India’s favorite streamer of free fire. Highest watching or average watching 100k which is huge.

Gyan gaming: Monthly income, Relationship status
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Gyan gaming Biography 2022

Gyan gaming biography 2022, he is currenntly top youtuber of free fire streamer. Gyan gaming comes from Kolkata, West bengal. Gyan gaming is near crossing 15 million subscriber on his youtube channel. On from starting he stream free fire game when it was of only 300mb.

Now it go around more than 2 GB.

It is the most asked question “What is the monthly income of gyan gaming”. If you wants to know the monthly income of Gyan gaming than you need to know he has a large audience. And when it comes to earning on youtube than AdSense is not the only option.

Gyan gaming Bio 2022

Real name Gyan Sujan
monthly income 8 Lakhs INR
Birth year 1996
Profession Youtuber
Income sources Youtube, paid advertisement
City Kolkata, West bengal
Income 1 Crore INR
Net worth 2022 10 Crores INR
Dynamo earning exposed
He having a large fan base and many companies do collab to introduce his products and he obviously take money. Gyan gaming superchats those who don’t know what is superchat? It is use by subcriber on youtube to give money in terms of superchat. It is like message you can send him you can superchat Rs 40. Rs 10k.
Gyan gaming
Gyan gaming

Gyan gaming income

Gyan gaming income in 2022, he had started his youtube channel with 0 subscribers and now he is near to 15 million and it will increase over time.

Gyan gaming income is around 8 Lakhs monthly he can earn upto 1 Crore he is top gaming creator in India. Gyan gaming recently had purchased 2 Crores audi.

Gyan gaming had travelled long way on struggling days he had done job in after noon and in night he had done free fire streams.

He can earn in many ways on youtube like Affiliate marketing he shares affiliate links of his Mic, Pc. You cannot forget Sponsorships and Superchats on youtube.

relationship status he never talks publicly about his relation with anyone. However, he had a lot of buzz Soneeta. She is also a free fire streamer who comes from Nepal and recently attained Free fire world cup in which pro players come across India and Nepal.

Gyan gaming
Gyan gaming

Gyan gaming income 2022

Income in 2022 1 Crore INR
Income in 2021 90 Lakhs INR
Income in 2020 50 Lakhs INR
 income in 2019 20 Lakhs INR
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Gyan gaming Net worth

Gyan gaming Net worth, he is currently top free fire streamer in India. His net worth is around 10 Crores INR. He is going to complete 15 million subscriber on his youtube channel.

Gyan gaming purchased 3 Crores Audi which is limited edition in India. Gyan gaming also earn decent money through paid advertisement.

Gyan gaming Net worth 2022

Income 1 Crore INR
Net worth 10-15 Crores INR
Gyan gaming Net worth

Gyan gaming Girlfriend

Gyan gaming Girlfriend, there is so many rumours and he finally break them. If any girl comes in his channel or play with him audience consider her as his girl friend.

So he had finally revealed his Girlfriend name is Priyanka. She is smart intellingent and they are lovers.

Gyan gaming girlfriend

Free fire Gyan gaming

free fire gyan gaming is pro youtube who streams games, He also uploads vlogs sometimes. Audience love gyan bhai because he is good person from inside he had grow many YouTubers channel.

He had collab with big free fire youtubers like Lokesh Gamer, Raistar, As gaming.

Gyan gaming Monthly income

These YouTubers had left side of Gyan gaming because of hate of his money and audience. Many YouTubers also exposes him to just defame him. But his audience knows and stands with him every time.
He is the only YouTuber who had grown up if you following him for years then compare it today, his channel now get 100k live watching with lakhs of likes.
Gyan gaming does a lot of giveaways and it’s real he had giveaway more than 10 lakhs free fire diamonds. He gives 10k diamonds to his subscribers, Also last week he also done a phone giveaway.
There are many YouTuber wants to grow his channel like him, but before starting yt channel you need to be pure from inside just like him.
Consistency matters a lot on initial days of Gyan he don’t get these much views. He do job in daytime and at night he streams direct for 4 hrs till 12.
It hurts most when you give a lot time hard work and things does not work. Like On starting of streamers they don’t have fan base and when they do 4 hrs live streaming with no subscribers.
It is very easy to get 10k views by promoting your video with money but not everyone can do that some take yrs hard work for organic views

Free fire top players

Free Fire is not only popular in India but countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. It’s actually a billion-dollar game where you can buy diamonds from Rs 40 to Rs10k.

Gyan gaming Favorites

Favorite Song Kaun tujhe
 Favorite Actor Akshay kumar
Favorite Place Dubai
Favorite Youtuber Sourav joshi
Favorite Singer Arjit Singh
Favorite Tv Show Kapil sharma
Favorite Cartoon Doraemon
Favorite Cricketer Virat kohli

Gyan gaming is hacker ?

Well many of us know recently Garena free fire Banned 10k accounts for hacking and according to report many players whose Id is banned is top player of India. These players already reached grandmaster.

I personally a big fan of gyan gaming and know he is not a hacker so please stop saying him. But he is not a hacker that does not mean streamer never played hack. There was a video viral we can’t write name he is a popular streamer and talks in stream that his teammate use script and use hack.

Gyan gaming bio

Gyan gaming bio

After this garena recenlty banned his id and he is exposed.

Gyan gaming Face

We all know streamers are famous for their gameplay so we only recognize gameplay and voice. Many streamers know that adding face in streams increases watch time which is very important on youtube.
In the early days of streaming Gyan gaming never show his face but after a lot of request from his subs gyan gaming finally shown his face. Now when he reached 1million milestone he now make face camera videos.
Gyan gaming real face
Gyan gaming real face

Why Gyan gaming is popular?

You can find many people do live streaming on youtube but why only he is famous? He supports many new creators to grow his channel. His streams are very intersting so people love to watch his streams.
Gyan gaming is so popular so many brands collab with him like Nimo tv, vigo etc. They also sponsered by emulators. Bluestacks is one of them.
Bluestack links

Weekly tournaments and get price

They do tournaments weekly and if you have good kd rate and level than you will also added. Prize they gave is diamonds, Weekly free fire memberships, Money.

How to add in guild of gyan gaming

If you want to go in guild of gyan gaming than according to my knowledge you must be a pro player they never add noobs. High kd rate and level 55 above are vey important to join guild of gyan gaming.
Gyan gaming youtube channel link

Final words

If you are also a big fan of gyan gaming like me than subs his yt channel and follow me