Free fire two side gamer monthly income, Age, Girlfriend

Two side gamer is a youtube channel run by two brothers Jash and ritik. Two side gamers monthly income, girlfriend, age everything will be revealed. They both owns this channel Two side gamers mainly do free fire live streams.

Two side gamers is one of the most oldest free fire streamer who doing these live streams since season 1. Two side gamers is one of the top free fire Indian streamer.

two side gamer monthly income

Two side gamer monthly income is around 6 lakhs INR this totally depends on how much views they are getting. There main source of income is from youtube google adsense. They also owns different youtube channel such as tsg army.

They do free fire live streams also some times they upload vlogs, Songs, Free fire new events. They also participate in free fire tournaments. They are one of the oldest free fire streamer having almost every season elite pass.

Two side gamer monthly income

Two side gamer monthly income is around 6lakhs INR this can change monthly depending upon views. Two side gamers maninly earns from google adsense. Their main youtube channel is having millions of subscribers.

two side gamer monthly income

Two side gamers also earns from Superchats (Donation), Affiliate links, Memberships, Sponserships.

These are the main ways they earn money they also hire team for editing, uploading mainly they do free fire live streams of hours and not every subs can come at same time. So they upload main highlights of that streams.

There are alot of buzz that they also earns from free fire. If you topup in free fire lowest offer is in 80Rs you will get only 100diamonds. Free fire also give free 10k diamonds to these popular streamers.

Affiliate links you must see some links on their description of lens, camera, pc. If someone will buy from their link then they will get commission.

two side gamer monthly income

Superchats many youtubers get $100 superchats and youtube cut little and remaing will be tranfered to their accounts. Min superchats is from 40Rs to 10,000Rs timing will depend upon your amount.

Many big brands approach these youtubers for their product promotion and they charge money. Top indian youtubers like BB ki vines takes $100 for one single post.

There is another feature of youtube you can buy memberships from these channels. You can get membership upto Rs 10k. You will get extra stickers, custom messages on comment section it will be highlighted as exclusive member.

Ofcourse you will get a chance to play with streamers also. And these money also transfered to their bank accounts.

Gyan gaming monthly income

Are you searching for two side gamer logo then you are in right place we will give you two side gamer logo. You can use this logo for your purposes. There are many youtube channel on this name.

You can add these logos. Or you can make your custom logo from pixel lab. Use canva for making youtube channel logo.

Two side gamer usually change their logos and they can get free awesome logos from their audience. Just like carryminate update his channel art by posting on instagram.

Jash and Ritik TSG

These are the two brothers and owner of this youtube channel. If we talk about age then Ritik is elder brother. Jash this year in 2020 passed his class 12th and will be going for college. TSG YT channel

two side gamer monthly income

They both are from bombay also with their youtube income they had also buy some flat.

Two side gamer new song

As we had talked earlier they both make vlogs, streams, events and songs. They had recently uploaded new rap song on this channel. This song was also trending on youtube page.

two side gamer monthly income

Lakhs of like and subscriber advantages, how to join tsg free fire guild. If you wanted to join this guild then you first need to be in contact with any member with this guild. Then it will be very easy.

Another option will be pro player if you wanter to become one Pro player free fire tips and tricks. There is no chance they will join low level id if you even having 55 lvl then there are some chances.

However if you have low level but high kd, headshot rate then it will be very easy.

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