Free fire desi gamers monthly income, ID, Monthly income, girlfriend ,face reveal

Free fire desi gamers monthly income he is a famous YouTuber with more than 5 million subscribers. He is mostly famous for doing Free fire live streams. Those who don’t know free fire is a battleground game where you need to find guns and survive there are a total of 50 players in one match. Desi gamer’s real name is Amit Bhai is also a friend of Total gaming who is also a YouTuber with around 11 million subscribers.
desi gamers
Free fire desi gamers is also in a free fire partner program many times he caught playing YouTubers vs YouTubers live custom. Desi gamers aka Amit Bhai is currently financial stable most of his earning is from youtube, Sponsors, Super chats.

Free fire desi gamers monthly income

Desi gamers face is already revealed by him only on youtube because his audience wants to see his face. Talking on total gaming who is never shown his face till now he is having more than 11 million subscribers on youtube. His subscribers force him to reveal face but he says he will reveal his face in year 2025 which sounds crazy.

Desi gamers average views in his youtube channel is more than 500k views. And if you see any video it crosses 1 million views. These are the income sources in which desi gamers earn money.

  • Superchats
  • Donation
  • Instagran
  • Sponsers

Desi gamers is a good friend of total gaming aka ajju bhai but he had not followed no face reveal trend. Like Sk sabir boss, Raistar also top free fire youtubers.

desi gamers monthly income

Desi gamers also collaborated with different live streaming platforms apart from youtube. He also play on different gaming platforms like Nimo TV others.
Free fire desi gamers monthly income

Desi Gamers monthly earning

He is the biggest gaming YouTuber recently his one video got featured in the YouTube trending page and that video has more than 3 million views less than 24hrs. And if we talk on google Adsense earning then you can earn around less then 1dollar per 1k views.

desi gamers monthly income

So you can make roughly an idea how much his one video earns on youtube.

Desi Gaming

Desi gaming well some says desi gamers his channel name on youtube is desi gamers. Desi gaming is also a gaming YouTuber. You can see Gaming so it related to the gaming category.

Desi gamer and total gaming friendship

Free fire desi gamers monthly income
Well they both are good friends having an audience around millions. The audience loves to watch both of them online. They both earn from youtube they both have two channels on youtube. So the earning of both YouTubers are from these sources.
  1. Youtube ads
  2. Sponsorships
  3. Super chats
  4. Paid live
  5. 2 channels

Free fire Desi gamer ID

Free fire Desi gamer Id is Amit bhai or 206746194 and the total gaming ID is Ajju bhai 94 you can some please search with correct spelling. This id is also most expensive id in free fire he has all free fire characters, expensive gun skins and all elite passes. He also gets free diamonds from free fire.

desi gamers grandmaster

Desi gamers finally reached grandmaster level, if you reached herioc within 24hrs then you will become grandmaster. This is tough when you don’t have any rank push cards.
Desi gamer aka Amit bhai is from India we don’t know the correct information but we think he completed his 12th class and he is currently in college doing an under graduation.
Total gaming face reveal
If you follow total gaming then you must know he had recently uploaded a video on his channel with the le Ajju Bhai face reveal in which he also invited desi gamers.
desi gamer with facecam but in that video he does not shows his face and at end of the video, he says that he will show his Race at 2023.
I don’t know why millions of subscriber is saying to reveal his face but he is not showing.

Carryminati finally play free fire

Carryminati India’s YouTuber having more than 25million subscribers finally plays free fire on his second channel carry is live. He mostly does live streams of PS4 games but the demand for free fire is high so he ends up playing.

PUBG BAN in India

Recently the government of India bans famous Game PUBG MOBILE who has more than 1crore daily active users. Pubg mobile having the largest user base is only from India. But because of China’s Tencent company with user leak data government of India ban Pubg.
Reply from pubg is taking action on Tencent company Pubg mobile is developed by a Korean company. In his letter, they say that they are closing partnerships with Tencent and Korea will fully take publishing responsibility.
Because of the Pubg ban gaming YouTubers like Mortal, Scout (Famous gaming YouTubers
) affected directly. Almost every big Youtuber is started playing free fire.
There is less chances of pubg mobile in India, Recently free fire announced they will host esport in which all countries will participate and prize money is $2 million USD.

Call of duty end partnership with Tencent

Seeing Pubg mobile banning in India COD mobile end official partnership Tencent company. And COD mobile may benefit from banning pubg because many active pubg players will shift to COD.
COD mobile is also the same like pubg and many players started playing this game.

Why free fire game is a unique game?

Free fire is a unique game because it has a huge fan base this game is top Battle Royale game in the world. The best part of this game is that it can work on low features phones with 2GB RAM with very little internal storage.
You can buy gun skins, bag backpack skins and different types of new characters like Alok which instantly increase 30 % hp. Characters ability for Kelly that can run faster, Kia with more than 200 damage with just fist that you can play on factory roof.


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