Flying beast Net worth 2022, Income, Wife

Flying beast Net worth, he is a self-made star, an internet sensation. Gaurav taneja net worth is more than 8 Crores in indian rupees as he is having more than 8 Million subscribers on youtube in 2022.

Flying beast income is more than 50 Lakhs in Indian rupees he had collaborated with big brands that drive him decent money.

Gaurav Taneja is currently India’s top vlogger with more than 4.5 million subscribers. Gaurav Taneja was a pilot but because of some reason he was suspended during a lockdown.

Flying beast Net worth

Gaurav taneja vlogs are simple, where he show his life on camera. Gaurav taneja wife Ritu taneja is also a pilot. Flying beast daughter name is Rashbari, at this age she is having a lot of fans on internet.

Rashbari will be happy when she will see her childhood memory from birth to going school. Gaurav taneja uses iphone 12 for vlogging and this is only his profession setup.

He is truly self made not like a tv or film star kids like cameraman runs behind him. He earns if a cameraman is running towards him. from zero to 8 Million and till infinity just like another star Sourav joshi.

Flying beast Net worth

Flying beast Net worth

Flying beast Net worth in 2022 is around more than 5 Crores In Indian rupees. He is top vlogger from India having more than 8Million subscribers

Flying beast aka Gaurav taneja is multi talented he is a bodybuilder, Fitness enthusiast, vlogger, LLB From DU, Former pilot, Daily soap TV.

what is the net worth of Flying beast? lying beast net worth is around $40 million USD his monthly around $4500. Flying beast aka gaurav taneja is currently India’s top vlogger on youtube.

Flying beast earning sources are from youtube three channels, his channel is top in vlogging and his average video views are around 3 million. Taking 1$ per 1k views then calculate 3 million how much he can earn.

Flying beast Net worth

He roughly uploads more than 22 videos per month also active on fitness channel where he talks in bodybuilding. He is also gets money from brand promotion, donation, superchat.

Recently he had made channel on gaming and gets money from superchats. His gaming pc worth more than 3 lakhs rupees. He told this on vlog that he cannot afford to play these games and also he was studying and a bright academic student.

Flying beast Net worth 2022

Real nameGaurav taneja
Net worth 20225 Crores INR
Income 20221 Crores INR
Date of birth 9 July 1986
Profession Youtuber
Income sourcesYoutube, Brands promotions
Pet nameMau
Monthly Income15 Lakhs INR

Flying beast Income

Flying beast income is around 5 lakhs rupees per month. In USD it is around $4500. He is having currently three channels on youtube and all these have more than 200k plus subcribers.

He is also having property in Delhi, Lucknow, Kanpur which crores of rupees his wife is also financially independent. Gaurav Taneja is also a pet lover who had adopted male labrador.

Flying beast Net worth

Flying beast aka Gaurav Taneja is an Engineer turn pilot turn bodybuilder turn professional vlogger turn advocate (in progress). Gaurav Taneja first of all doesn’t need any profession for money he is well stable.

He can do other things for passion or he wants some more income sources he is currently a millionaire. Gaurav taneja is famous youtuber, influencer, also he is having million fans on Instagram. He had recently purchased BMW after seeing many luxury cars.

Gaurav taneja parents lives in kanpur and he had recently shifted his house from delhi to Lucknow. No reason given on his shifting to house. Gaurav taneja done his graduation from IIT kanpur premium institute in India.

Flying beast income

Then after he was a pilot but due to raise so much issue on security and other company suspended him. Gaurav taneja it can be his big controversy in his life he had also done a court case on company.

Flying beast income in 2022

Name (channel)

Flying beast

Real Name

Gaurav taneja

Flying beast Monthly income


Flying beast Monthly income INR

8 lakhs INR

Flying beast Net worth

$40 Million

Flying beast Networth INR

5 Crore INR


Youtube, Brands

Flying beast monthly income in 5 years

Monthly income in 2021

8-10 Lakhs INR

Monthly income in 2020

5 Lakhs INR

Monthly income in 2019

4 Lakhs INR

Monthly income in 2018

3.2 Lakhs INR
Monthly income in 2017
2 Lakhs INR

Flying beast car collection

Flying beast car collection, he had recently purchase a BMW car which can worth more than 1 Crore in India rupees. This is new recently launched model of BMW he had seen many luxury cars like Mercedes, Range rover etc.

Flying beast BMW CAR

Flying beast aka Gaurav Taneja was having Swift, Toyota, Volvo. Gaurav Taneja had also collab with famous vlogger MO vlogs. Mo vlogs is richest vlogger on youtube lives in Dubai. Flying beast had visited his house. Mo vlogs is crazy on buying premium cars like range rover, lamob…

He had also collab with the another fastest growing vlogger sourav joshi vlogs. He had started gaming channel rashbari ke papa so many gaming creator like Carryminati, Mortal, Scout know him

Flying beast relationship, more


Bharti Taneja


Yogendra Taneja

Flying beast Girlfriend



Ritu Rathee Taneja





Swati Taneja

Married Status


Flying beast controversies

Flying beast controversies there are so many controversies even some make fake to get views by using his name. You can find many thousands of fake controversies with lakhs of views. Flying beast aka gaurav taneja had a big controversy when he got fired from his pilot job.

Air asia know him that he is popular and famous on yotube and other social media. And they know that if he tells truth like he always raised issue on health leave, security of passengers. He was pilot in air Indigo before and then he had joined air asia.

And company suspended him after this he filed a case against them. After this got viral Air Asia nightmare Government DGCA suspended two officials of air Asia. Also he got threats from company to close this case or they will give him one crore defame case.

This case is still going on and after this he started reading alot laws books.

If you are popular on youtube then you will have many controversies and these celebs ignore them because it is not first time. He had uploaded a video having financial crises. This is said by a quora user.

He had uploaded video on financial crises by according to this user his answer got viral. Because he after upload vlogs in our beautiful farmhouse or on buying and shifting to new house.

Gaurav taneja and badshah

Gaurav taneja had also meet bollywood famous celebs Deepika padukone, Honey singh, badshah, tony kakkar, Neha kakkar.

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