BJP government doing same mistake in Covid 3rd Wave: Opposition

Modi government doing same mistake in Covid 3rd Wave

Opposition recently attacked Modi government for not controlling covid cases. In the last 24 hrs, India reports 39,000 covid cases with 400 deaths. We cannot forget the covid 2nd wave how deadly it was left us nothing.

This goes tally with more than 400k deaths in India due to covid. Third wave will be dangerous too people again stop using masks and sanitizers. No social distancing, masks is now using. We had done a survey in bazaars, mandis, traffic areas people are not wearing masks no social distancing is followed.

Some are even openly spitting in roads area knowing this infectious disease. No steps are being taken by government or officers. These checks are only in main cities.

There is no meaning to control later when corona has already done its part. If we see the reports of the number of vaccines per day this is also reducing.

DGCI drug controller general of India had given the Emergency use authorization to single-dose vaccine Jhonson and Jhonson. Delta variant is deadly as well easy to spread.

According to reports 21,000 cases are coming from southern states affected Kerela. Even after these schools, universities are opening bringing back students. They cannot forget much staff, professors had died with infection.

Newyork times even had said this Modi government is hiding covid death figures in India. Actual number is 3x with this figure, Government should take strict action on those who spitting on roads with this infection.

Opposition parties Congress, Shiv sena, TMC, recently Bill was passed in Lok sabha amid protest by the opposition. Bjp is having more MPs taking advantage of passing bills. Rahul gandhi former Congress president warn Government they should immediately repel these laws.

Farmers said this farm law will not benefit us in any single way. Already petrol and Lpg is crossing heights same will happen here they should repeal these laws.

Users on social media started trolling minister Smriti Irani for protesting the Lpg price of Rs 450. Netizens also trolling Akshay kumar and Amitabh Bachchan to their tweets on petrol price.

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