Avani lekhara bio

Avani lekhara bio, Monthly income, Gold in Paralympics

Avani lekhara wins gold in Paralympics 2020, She made proud whole India. Avani lekhara brings first gold to India Winning gold in Women’s 10 M Rifles Standing at Tokyo. Avani lekhara was confident with her performance.

Avani lekhara becomes the first woman from India to bring gold in Paralympics tokyo Womens Rifles. She belongs from Jaipur, at the age of 19 won the Gold medal for Nation.

avani lekhara bio, income

Avani lekhara bio

Avani lekhara had created history by bringing gold in Paralympics at tokyo. She had won gold in women 10 M rifles with accurate mark brings her gold. Avani became the fourth Indian athlete who won gold in Paralympics. Avani dream come true every athlete wants dreams to claim gold.

Many people congratulating her including Prime Minister, Chief ministers, many celebs. She became popular her fan following increased to 1 lakh followers per hour.

Avani lekhara was also active on social media but just for minutes. Her accounts fan following increased from having 5k followers to in lakhs and will go in million in 24 hrs.

Yogesh Kathuniya another gem won silver in the discus throw.

Avani lekhara monthly income

Avani lekhara monthly income, she is truly inspirational winning gold at the age 19. Avani life changed after winning gold and became the headline of nation. Avani got success with her strict routine, patience.

Whole nation knows her name from Celebs, Politicians. Anand Mahindra according to sources will give exclusive Suv to her and to those who had won medal at paralympics.

Avani lekhara income is in crores and she can easily earns more than 2 lakhs rupees in Indian rupees after winning gold. Nishad Kumar from India won silver medal in the Paralympics at Tokyo.