Amit bhadana monthly income, Cars collection, Girlfriend

Amit bhadana monthly income, Girlfriend he is the top youtube famous for uploading comedy videos. Amit bhadana is among top celebs with high audience. His average videos get more than 30 millions views. Amit bhadana is youtuber, rapper, singer, actor.

Amit bhadana was born in 7 September 1994 he is inspiration for small YouTubers to Actors. He belongs from middle-class family and it is tough to see dreams of bombay in films career. Amit bhadana stand against all odds and became a millionaire.

Amit bhadana monthly income

Amit bhadana monthly income

Amit bhadana monthly income is more than 28 lakhs per month. He is having more than 23 million subscribers and get millions of views in seconds. He can earn up to 3 Crore 36 lakhs per year with only less than 50 videos.

Amit bhadana is inspiration he had earned because of his hard work. Thats why he is having more popularity than some of the star kids. Many big celebs, singers knows his Amit bhadana make videos on simple life and tries to connect. Making videos on schools, bus to connect with each and everyone.

His audience is also very unique and supportive. He thanks his fans and followers for supporting him. Amit bhadana song Parchay went viral and was trending in many countries. Amit bhadana was below average student in his school days apart from his topper friends.

Because of his family and seeing his condition he worked hard in studies also and got Delhi university. He had understood that to change his condition he needs to change things. His childhood favourite game was cricket

Or that time if you not good in study you can’t do anything people like Amit bhadana, Carrymimati, Pankaj triphati and there are so many who was not good in studies and not belong from any big universities these myths are circulated by own society.

His earning is more is than any sarkari job employee or his toppers friend from big universities/ colleges. Recently, IIT-Delhi topper talk about this matter that coaching mafias made many myths on these that if you enter in big colleges than you need to buy cash counting machine which is WRONG.

Reality is totally different, YouTubers Carryminati, Scout, Mortal, any big celebs some of them left college in between. And according to them you can’t do anything they had proven them.

Amit bhadana monthly income in 2021

Real name Amit Bhadana
Amit Bhadana Monthly income 28 lakhs INR
Net worth 10 Crores
Profession Youtuber, Rapper
Income sources Youtube, business, Brands promotion
Yearly income 3.20 Crores INR

Amit Bhadana monthly income last 5 years

Amit Bhadana Monthly income in 2021 28 Lakhs INR
Amit Bhadana Monthly income in 2020 20 Lakhs INR
Amit Bhadana Monthly income in 2019 10 Lakhs INR
Amit Bhadana Monthly income in 2018 1 Lakhs INR
Amit Bhadana Monthly income in 2017 80k INR

Amit bhadana net worth

Amit bhadana net worth is around more than 50 crores he is having acres of property with also side business. He also makes and sell his own merch. You cannot forget brands promotion many brands are searching new faces after this SSR case.

Amit bhadana monthly income

Amit bhadana is having more than 23 millions of subscribers many can give money directly via paytm, google pay. Without cutting 30 per from youtube but he don’t like this when his subscriber give some donation or superchat. He sometimes also hide superchat option and donation.

Many brands boycotting those who had found using drugs according to NCB. He had also warned who Bollywood actors, directors and brands these illegal things are going openly in Bollywood parties. If they found they will need to face serious consequences.

Amit bhadana Affairs, Family, Girlfriend

Affairs Unknown
Girlfriend Unknown
Divorce NO
Mother Unknown
Father Narendra bhadana
Brother Sumit Bhadana
Sister Unknown
Wife Not married
Married Not married
Relationship In relation

Amit bhadana comedy

Amit bhadana comedy is natural acting and this level require a lot of work on yourself. Underated comedians like Vipul goyal, Samay raina, Akash there comedy, standup is so real that you cant control your laugh even in your worst mood. They are mood changer and a stress reliever stress is like poison which kills and attract many diseases.

Amit bhadana monthly income

Amit bhadana and many famous celebs YouTubers who have talent but does not get work. Because they don’t have films background or they are not son or dauhjter of directors. These kids don’t have to struggle on metro, train, living middle class. They comes with Mercedes, that’s why huge protest happen when SSR killed/ suicide.

According to SSR fans, Nepotism in Bollywood is killing talented actors. SSR fans are still angry and warned many directors on this matter. When talented actors don’t get work then films in Bollywood is so tough to watch 3 hrs. Just same condition when backbencher sit for maths lecture for continuous three hrs.

Amit bhadana Favourite

Favorite celeb Akshay Kumar
Favorite Food Paneer paratha
Favorite Film 3 Idiots
Monthly income in 2021 28 Lakhs
Favorite app Insta
Favorite actor Salman khan
Favorite sportsmen Ronaldo
Favorite comedian Sunil grover
Favorite YouTuber Flying beast
Favorite singer Arijit Singh
Favorite Cartoon Shinchan

Amit bhadana song

Amit bhadana had given many popular songs Parichay in 2019 by Amit bhadana. In 2021 Aatmvishwas by Badshah and goes viral after just publishing. Amit bhadana also had said he loves cricket but because of his poor financial background.

He had given cricket also his chacha had broken his bat so he stopped playing and start focusing on studies. He even said that he got another family is youtube. And now he millionare with having more than 20 million subscribers on youtube. Amit bhadana insta and youtube also follow us and share this post.