How to transfer Ludo game with same level to other mobile?

 Ludo players do you know that you can transfer Ludo game with same level to other mobile? Yes it is really tough to increase your levels in-game it take a lot of time. Sometimes we delete that game and all progress, achievement deletes. 

So we will tell you to transfer  Ludo game with same level. Not just ludo game many other game like Mini militia, Free fire, Pubg, Cod. In battle royal games it is actually easy to save your data. In Pubg, free fire your id Username and pass simply store your all in-game performance.

If you have level in these game maybe 20 then you can transger that game on another mobile and login with same id. Then you can play with same level on another mobile. 


Transfer Ludo game with same level

Transfer Ludo game same level to other mobile? (1 way)

We will tell you only one way to transfer your ludo game performance to other mobile. Google play games is required to run games in mobile. And according to latest Google play games report latest version will automatically save your in game data.

    1. Update Google play service on your mobile.
    2. Gmail id or login when you open new game Pop up sign in required fill out carefully because this id saves all game level.
    3. Download the same Ludo game to another mobile which you wants to transfer.
    4. Login with the same id  

Transfer Ludo game with same level

This is so simple some games does not provide us login through facebook in this case you need to follow these steps. Those who don’t know Ludo game is developed in India and it is launched in 2018 after two years it got a lot of popularity hitting 400 Million downloads.

 Offlicial download link – Ludo download

  1. If you wants to transfer game without losing data then you need to Go to Android folder. It can be found from Phone storage and search Android.
  2. Go and search game which game you need to transfer if it is Ludo game then search ludo data in Android folder. It can be in form like dts.ludo.
  3. Copy that data and apk of that game.
  4. Install that game and replace data.
Transfer Ludo game with same level

Final words

These steps are working and following this correctly your game will start in some cases you can also check backups. If you need help contact us on our Fb page right side give. We hope you had successfully transfer your Ludo game with same level to other mobile.
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