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best keyboard for android

There are so many keyboards available online but we will tell you the best keyboard for android. When you buy a smartphone of any brand default keyboard installed in it.

 If you have eye problems or you think alphabets of default keyboard is quite small then switch to these any top five best keyboards for android.

  • Google Indic Keyboard
  • Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard
  • Gboard – the Google Keyboard
  • Grammarly Keyboard
  • Hindi Keyboard
best keyboard for android

1. Google Indic Keyboard

This is my personal best keyboard for android and It ranks number one keyboard for android in google play store. Total downloads more than 100M and Rating are decent at around 4.3. The best feature of this keyboard is voice typing.
You can write in different 20 languages and even you don’t have to write just to use voice commands. It really helpful for bloggers, office works. It can help old people who have difficulty in writing then they can use voice commands. 

In only 2-3 months they bring exciting updates with cool themes and new features.
Download link: Google Indic Keyboard

New Update Google Indic keyboard

It can now work from android 4.0 to the latest android if you had bought a new phone recently then it will definitely work on Android 11. 

How to select Google Indic keyboard your default keyboard

If your Smartphones run on Android 5.0 or higher than you have to follow simple steps given below.
If you want to check your phone android version go to “Settings” then, at Last, you will find the option “About phone”  click on this under this you will find your “Android version”.
Default Google Indic keyboard:
  1.  Open settings
  2. Go to Language and input section
  3. Current Keyboard
  4. Choose keyboard (Google Indic Keyboard)

best keyboard for android

2. Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard

It is one of the best free keyboards you can find on both ios and Android. Beating Google Indic keyboards on downloads as well on Ratings. Microsoft swiftkey having 500Million downloads and Ratings around 4.4 stars. 
Don’t Worry It is a Keyboard for Big Fingers.

Exciting themes and autocorrection is the first choice of users. It is light and compact with only 13mb size. According to Microsoft, it is fastest and accurate don’t worry when typing. Comes with Multiple languages hmm! Smart.
best keyboard for android

3. Gboard – The Google Keyboard

It is a default keyboard if you purchase any Android smartphone. Rating and downloads are higher than any keyboards It ranks number one with downloads 1billion plus and rating roughly 4.5. 

Features of Gboards Keyboard

In 2-3 months Google updates this keyboard with new features. Talking features of the current version of Gboard. 

  • Glide Typing:   Enabling users to wring fast without even seeing on screen.
  • Emojis search: Search any emoji with your keyword.
  • Voice typing: It is a must feature for a keyboard you can simply speak and write.
It consists of different languages 22 plus and It is best for those who have big fingers. 
Download link: Gboard Keyboard

4. Grammarly Keyboard -Type with confidence

Well, it is also the best keyboard we will talk about his pros and cons. Pros are it corrects spellings best than any other. If you are a blogger then you must be aware of the Grammarly Chrome extension.
Cons are it is higher in size 100mb if we compare with Google keyboard or Microsoft Swift (12mb). Ratings is more than 4.2-star ratings and Downloads more than10million. 
It also comes with new themes and exciting updates. It comes with a Grammer checker, Spelling checker, Punctuation checker.
Download LINK- Grammarly Keyboard
best keyboard for android

5. Hindi Keyboard

If you love typing in Hindi then you must try this Hindi keyboard made in India. Its Rating is impressive with 4.5-star rating Downloads it around more than 1million. 
The size of this keyboard is only around 13 MB. It comes with exciting themes and colors Gif, stickers, and many more.
Installation is very simple Download, Install and Use
Download link: Hindi keyboard


If you loved this post and found helpful feel free to share it. We had provided Top 5 Best Keyboard for Android Free. These keyboards are currently in trend with high downloads and users Ratings. 
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