Sooneta Monthly income, phone number, Kd many more

Sooneta monthly income, She is a big free fire streamer on youtube, she is currently having more than 3.2 million subscribers. Sooneta phone number, monthly income. Sooneta is from nepalgang, Nepal, She also tops in female streamers’ highest fan following. Sooneta not only stream free fire but also make videos to free fire tips and tricks, New events.

Sooneta phone number

Sooneta phone number, is also viral in social media She had also participated in various free fire tournaments which was held in Thailand and Indonesia. Sooneta also having its own squad, which is important for e sports tournaments. Sooneta monthly income, net worth you will know.

Sooneta Monthly income

Sooneta monthly income is more than $3000 per month and networth is around more than $1 million dollar income sources is sponsers, promotion, youtube channel, donations,

before knowing this you must know she is having two youtube channels. The main source of income of sooneta is from youtube only. Also, she gets money from sponsors, Affiliate programs, Super chats, Donations.

Sooneta Monthly income is around 3-4lakhs per month. Average video of her crosses more than 1 million views. Sooneta net worth is around 2 crores INR.

This income is included of two channels also she have income from paid streaming platform, Insta. She also donate for charity also recently she had share a screenshort where she had donated 1 lakhs rupees.

If we talk game stats of sooneta then in this season she had played around 500 matches since this is from begining of new season it will change win rate is 80% and she defeated average 3 player. There is no denying fact that her gaming skill is much better than many pro players / streamers.

Sooneta youtube channel stats she is already near to 4 mllion subscribers total views count is around 450 million views. Average views and likes is 100k.

Now this is limited so small youtubers will need to workhard more.

Sooneta Monthly income in 2021

Real Name


Sooneta monthly income

3 Lakhs INR

Sooneta monthly income INR


Sooneta Net worth

$20 Million



Youtube subcribers

3.4 Million


Youtube, Brands

Sooneta Monthly income in last 5 years

Monthly income in 2021

8-10 Lakhs INR

Monthly income in 2020

5 Lakhs INR

Monthly income in 2019

4 Lakhs INR

Monthly income in 2018

3.2 Lakhs INR
Monthly income in 2017
2 Lakhs INR

Sooneta phone number

Sooneta is also have interest in singing, dancing, Travelling, Foodie, apart from free fire. On starting teen age she was very interested in games and consoles. And this can be different because these games, consoles were limited to boys only at that time.

You will see very less women streamers even today on youtube or in any platform. You should also see the ratio men and women streamers on these platform. Also you have to struggle in youtube as well today society. You will not get any motivation but for sure they will demotivate and mock you.

Sooneta phone number

After these challenges Sooneta is having more than 3.2 million subscribers. Sooneta phone number this can be for approaching brands and sponsers +977 96179738XX. Sooneta had collab with all big free fire YouTubers Total gaming, Gyan gaming, Desi gamers.

Sooneta is also havig high fan following in India, And she can be the only nepali streamer. She is fluent in three languages Nepali, Hindi, English. She is now uploading more videos on free fire event videos. Many big streamer had also joined free fire partner program where they get free diamonds, Gunskins and customs.

Sooneta phone number

Also they will get code for advance server where they will get full information on update next version. So they can upload videos on in advance what is coming next? Many small youtubers are aganist to this update because earlier anyone can see advance update.

Sooneta free fire id- Sooneta phone number

Sooneta free fire can be top famous free fire id in women streamers. Sooneta free fire id is also most expensive id she buy all expensive Gun skins, characters, Costume, Elite passes. She is also having first elite pass of free fire also having rarest hip hop bundle in garena.

Sooneta phone number

Sooneta and many big streamers like total gaming had join free fire partner ship program. Also these youtubers are contact with official moderators of their respective countries.

Free fire hip hop bundle is consider to be veru rarest because those players who had playing this game from begining, this comes from the 1st elite pass.

Sooneta free fire id is this is real id you can check this id likes and elite passes.

Sooneta controversies

Well sooneta or many big celebs always in some controversy. There are so many controversies recently a lot of hate she was getting from her nepali fans. Because of tournaments in nepal also some people come in chat and abuse, spam.

Its high time she had also recently published a post on youtube channel where she clarify everything. There are so many people who spam and abuse to these youtubers that this will not reply. Many of them even sometime see this but most of them ignore it.

Sooneta Monthly income

But not everyone is same she replied to these spamers and controversy created.

Also According to sources, there was a lot of controversy between sooneta and top free fire streamer gyan gaming there is no clue they are a good friends.

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