Sk sabir boss id, Number, real photo and many more

Sk sabir boss is a youtube channel who upload videos on free fire. His real name is sheikh sabir, sk sabir boss id, real photo is rare. Sk sabir boss never had streamed with face cam. He was in assasins guild but then after joined famous boss guild.

Sk sabir boss is a pro player in free fire he had reached herioc, grandmaster(Highest global rating in free fire). He had once buyed global badges worth lakhs of diamonds and rupees. He had all collection of gun skins, cloths, character, he is playing from season 1. Having hip hop bundle which is very rare in free fire also from 1season elite pass dress.

Sk sabir boss id

Sk sabir boss real photo, he dont show his face in live streams or in any videoes. Sk sabir bundle is famous for his name only, sk sabir write boss in end because of boss guild. Big globally guild of free fire boss where they add very skilled players, his owner of boss guild is millionare.

who purchase lakhs of badges in every season of free fire. Also he is the richest player in free fire.

Sk sabir boss id

Sk sabir boss id, his free fire id is not only famous in india also in worldwide. He had reached position 1 grandmaster in asia. Sk sabir boss id worth lakhs of rupees he had spend lakhs of money in just badges but also he is having all seasons elite passes from season 1.

Sk sabir boss id

The real sk sabir boss id is 55479535 you can see this id is having all elite passes, badges and thousands of like.

Having expensive gun skins with attributes and all character he mainly plays with his own real id. Also there are alot of fake id in his name are there so its very important to know his real id. He can defeat single only full squad, His current level in free fire is around 83.

Sk sabir current stats if we look he had played around 400 matches out of he had won around 250 matches. Also some players go for kill not for win they land in competetive area like peak. And those who play for win they hide and land where nobody is going, Some pro players even avoid to take fight and play safely and they try to be in at least top 10.

Sk sabir boss photo

Sk sabir boss photo is very rare because he never streamed with face cam or had make some face cam videos. This same trend followed by total gaming having more than 20 million subscribers but had now shown any face. Sk sabir boss aka sheikh sabir had crossed 3.7 million subscriber in his youtube channel.

Sk sabir boss id

There are many subscribers ask does sk sabir play on mobile or pc, He is a mobile player from starting, on his early days he was having one plus then after he switched to Iphone. Sk sabir had also reached grandmaster this season also, if you go heroic within 24hrs then you will get gandmaster tag.

Sk sabir boss is now purchasing every single gunskins and events in free fire. Going grandmaster is tough in free fire because some players are having double rank tokens and no rank drop cards. So for single person it will be very tough.

Also hackers some times came in a game due to which rank can drop.

Sk sabir monthly income

Sk sabir boss monthly income his youtube channel had crossed 3.7 million subscribers and very close to 4million. He main source of income is from youtube only. Sk sabir monthly income is around 2 lakhs in INR. Not only from youtube he earn through.

Youtube channel- Sk sabir gaming

Sk sabir boss id
  • Insta’
  • Youtube superchats
  • Sponsers
  • Paid streaming like booyah
  • Donations (Paytm)

His average views is around more than one lakhs, they get income from google adsense.

Sk sabir boss controversy

There is alot of controversy of sk sabir boss, this controversy created when he left assasins guild and joined boss guild. Boss guild give money to their guild members also they contest tournaments called guild war. Assasins started saying that he had changed guild because of money.

He had left this guild when he was a grandmaster player and this is not new when players left guilds. Since then he had not left any guild.

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