Scout free fire id, Monthly income, highest rank, and more

Scout free fire id, Scout is an Indian YouTuber famous for streaming games. Scout mainly plays Pubg game but due to government impose ban many players are shifting to Free fire. Scout also playing free fire and you will know in this post his id, kd, highest rank in free fire. Many pubg players are now stopped playing this game because of its ban.

Scout free fire id

Pubg is likely to come again in India, Free fire is getting alot of benefit because India is top country counting active pubg player on millons daily. Scout had also doing streams of free fire and also collab with top free fire streamers Total gaming, desi gamers and collab soon with gyan gaming.

Scout free fire id

Scout free fire id is 2339156229 he is not that pro in free fire as in pubg. He did not reached herioc without his fan’s support in free fire. Many free fire players knows scout and they are now helping him to understand this game. Scout can also reach high levels on this game if he focus on this game like pubg.

Scout free fire id

Free fire tournaments are keep getting tough because many players are playing for these customs tournaments. As they are playing very tactical playing with their squads and increasing their understanding in game.

His famous free fire youtuber friend total gaming aka ajju bhai who had been known as big free fire streamer. His average views and like always goes on millions. However he does not shown his face even after getting 15million plus subscribers.

Pubg popularity in india is still same after ban also some players also playing using proxy with their fake id’s. Another reason for ban on pubg its too much playing teenagers are like to play game more than 5hrs daily ignoring the limit some used play on schools.

Scout been famous as pro pubg player who had also won many e sports titles, he plays with his squad and also playing other games like minecraft, Call of duty.

Scout free fire Rank and KD

Scout had playing this game because of his popularity in india, he doest not wants to play this game as e sport player. He was playing pubg to grow his skills. This has disappointed his fans also because he started playing free fire. First they need to understand free fire unique in his own terms and pubg in his owns.

Scout free fire id

Scout had played this game for fun so you cant expect any higher levels (grandmaster- highest rank in free fire with name shown worldwide). You can compare today’s free fire vs 3yrs back and then compare his controls, graphics. Free fire company is already in a list of billions dollars. And can invest million dollars to improve his game.

Scout monthly income

This is the most asked question by his subscribers that how much does scout earns monthly. Scout’s main source of his income is from youtube only by google adsense. There no fixed amount he received from Adsense scout or every youtube income depends upon his views. Google Adsense gives money when someone clicks on his ads and it must be genuine.

If you compare his income this month vs 6months ago when pubg was not banned at that time his avg live streams views was 60k. So at that time his monthy income was more. Even Mortal said on his streams he was earning more when pubg was not banned in India. There is no specific reason given by indian goverment for ban on pubg.

Goverment should need to understand many gaming creators are depend on this game pubg. Even many pubg creators had bought recently launched Iphone for there streams.

Scout income sources are youtube, Instagram, facebook, superchats, brands promotion. Sponsers give money and products to promote their brand and he have huge fan following. He currently having more than 2.6 million followers on instagram. Many brands directly approaches from insta seeing avg views and likes.

Scout monthly income is around 3 lakhs INR/- it can fluctuate this is based avg income. He uses the latest launched iPhone, for his streaming purposes.

Scout pubg girlfriend

Scout AKA tanmay singh his real name, famous for controversies, memes. However we will not use any name for some security purposes. He himself had not said anything officially if you are following him from years then you know this, he is currently in relation. For some security purposes we will blur face however he himself uploaded this on insta.

Scout free fire id

Scout Youtube channel hack

Scout youtube channel was hacked recently and this is not first time his channel was hacked. Many famous youtubers account was hacked but after youtube support it recovered. Now hackers are hacking youtube account and deleting it, but still youtube recovers it within week with full videos.

Scout free fire id

Hacking on youtube channel is mainly done by scaming for sponser brand promotion, these scamers will tell you to download some apps. And when you download it, will ask some permissions such as your email account information, phone numbers etc.

Youtube strictly had warned creators to be aware.

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