RDVV Risking students life despite some students found positive

RDVV online exam

RDVV Risking students life by taking offline exams. They had released time table despite knowing current situation. Every day cases is increasing in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

Even worst situation Some students had found mild symptoms reported by a student. Why they cant take online exam?


RDVV Risking students life

Is RDVV Risking Students life or BJP in MP Risking srudents life if they cant take online exam in this situation when cases is increasing day by day.

Giving students Mental and physical stress in pandemic is not at all expectable. RDVV had taken first paper on 17th Jan after so much protest they had again postponed. RDVV can change decision to take online exam.

Students reported to techkhera.

We are afraid to give exam in offline mode because some students are positive.

Cases in MP increasing day by day and we cant risk our life. – 3rd sem student.

Students Activists Protest with NSUI

Students Activist warns RDVV they will not see unjustice to students they had suffered tough times. This decision not was not needed better they change it early. Many parties will come to support students.

Recently NSUI was lathi charge on roads for raising voice of students thousand of volunteers was beaten badly because of these decisions.

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