Piyush joshi vlogs, Behind Sourav Joshi success and growth

Piyush joshi vlogs, Piyush joshi is brother of Sourav joshi , who recently becames the Indias top vlogging youtube. They had started there journey on Youtube and had never thought that their vlogs and channel will be huge.

Piyush joshi vlogs

Sourav joshi makes normal vlogs no crazy sports car, Five star hotels. Simple family vlogs even no popular cities like bombay. Audience likes his vlogs and that’s reason his life is Changed.


Piyush Joshi vlogs

Piyush joshi vlogs, there is so many fake channels on youtube or in Instagram on his name. Piyush joshi does not have his own any social media accounts. And this is best decision by his brother or family, They even set limit to play games and other stuff which some of are parents forget.

Piyush joshi vlogs

Piyush joshi is the real secret behind the success of Sourav joshi. They belong from middle class background, Sourav joshi started youtube channel with his art channel he can draw realistic paintings. He is professional artist even had done many paid artworks.

He had given a try on vlogging and had never thought this can change his life and give him dream life. He had said buying KTM bike, AC, Toyota eight Car is just his one of his dreams. Parents restrict dreams of there children, In India many wants a simple stable life, as simple stable job (Governent)

Today Piyush and sourav joshi are earning 100 x times of government job. Even they cannot earn this much in this sector. There earning can go beyond 15 Lakhs per month In Indian rupees.

Parents should not give mobile and special internet connection until they think their kid is mature. There are so many kids who even had died because of this reason end up with fraud of online money using parents credit or debit card.

Thanks to addictive mobile games like free fire or Pubg.

Piyush joshi monthly income

Piyush joshi vlogs monthly income with Sourav can go more than 10 lakhs INR per month. This income can be they yearly income of many jobs.

Piyush joshi vlogs

Piyush joshi also have separate fan base, many kids and other also watches him from their parents mobile. Many fake accounts on Instagram with his name having more than 200k plus followers.

Piyush joshi favourite youtube is Trigeered Insaan, they had recently collab visiting his house. Sourav joshi hard work, patience, discipline cannot be avoided. He is one of the youtuber who had done daily vlogging for continuous one year.

In everyone’s life there is ups and downs, but he had not missed a single day. Even when he trip in some villages due to Internet speed he managed to upload vlogs.

Piyush joshi and his whole family had shifted recently to Haldwani. There is no specific reason given by him. Sourav joshi had purchased Toyota eight seater car. Also he is trying to buy small car that can go in small roads and areas.

Piyush joshi free fire id

Piyush joshi free fire id is 51012596, he does not get time to play game. He owns I pad but with no internet connection.

Piyush joshi does not play free fire games because of restrictions. His brother don’t want him to play this game when many news started coming of fraud. Many of us know that free fire give us diamond option and in this game meant also get addicted. They will introduce characters like alok or pet. Double rate of gun skins to buy these things you need to invest real money.

Some had used debit or credit card of their parents. We want you to do not get addicted to this game.

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