Nokia 7.3 price in India, Leaked Specifications, launch date

Nokia recently announced its new model Nokia 7.3 but before the announcement its specifications already leaked in the market. There is a lot of humors in the market we will not believe until it clarify by the company only. Nokia 7.3 may launch in India before 2021 means just after three months. There is no date is given but we expected it will launched in December. If everything goes according to plan then it can come early also.

Nokia 7.3 is a 5G phone some are saying it, Now every mobile company already started and even launched there 5G smartphone like Oneplus, Samsung already launched its Samsung note ultra 5G. Well some of the highlighted features of Nokia you will find buttons Power button and volume in rightside, Quadcamera on backside, Speakers, and USB type c charging port with ultra-fast charging.
Nokia 7.3 price in India


Nokia 7.3 price in India

Nokia 7.3 price in India if you compare any 5G phone, Now like Samsung 5g, Oneplus there cost Is more than 30k INR, but nothing is cleared by the company if this model comes in 5g variant then you should expect a price more than 30k INR.
Nokia will comeback in India launching the 5G phone well we know the market is captured by many big companies which offer good phones at a cheap price. To fights with these companies, they have to launch new features like Ram, Processor, Storage, Battery, Camera this result in the performance of phone but don’t forget the price. If the Price of the phone cost more than nobody going to buy it so the price is the main game-changer.
Nokia 7.3 price in India

Nokia 7.3 Specifications leaked 

Nokia 7.3 model specification leaked this not the first time in which specifications leaked many big companies like Samsung, Oneplus already happened. If we check the camera then it comes with a quad camera on the backside of the phone. 48mega pixels camera primary 24-megapixel front camera for selfie lovers with dual led flash.
Processor snapdragon, Battery 4000mah with ultra-fast charging it comes with USB type c. These are the specification are expected. 
Nokia 7.3 price in India


In the end, we will tell you to be patient it will be going to launch in less than two months. If you like this post-Nokia 7.3 price in India, Leaked Specifications, launch date doesn’t forget to share it. If you wanted to read Samsung 5g full specifications read here.
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