Mortal Pubg id, Monthly income, Real name, many more

Soul Mortal aka Naman mathur is a famous pubg streamer from India who had also played e-sport in pubg. Mortal pubg id is 590211476 this is real mortal pubg id he is pro pubg player he had achieved highest level conqueror in pubg and had also come top 10 in asia pubg mobile.

Mortal Pubg id

He is famous for his youtube channel mortal having millions of subscribers. He is also having personal gaming house in bombay where his youtuber’ friends do live streams together. Mortal monthly income is around 6/7lakhs INR. Due to ban on pubg mobile many streamers playing different games like free fire, valorant etc.

Naman mathur mainly plays pubg on his iphone 12. His famous youtubers friends in his gaming house Regaltos, 8bit thug, scout. They started uploading vlogs, and they are also getting viral. If we say impact on youtube streamers due to ban on pubg mobile then yes many had watched hard times due to pubg ban.

Maybe no because its like normal now they started doing vlogs, different games.

Mortal Pubg id

Mortal Pubg id

Soul Mortal aka naman mathur his pubg id is 590211476, as we had told he is pro pubg player who had reached asia top player. He rank push highest level in pubg every season. Because of his pro squad also he purchase different expensive pubg gunskins. Mortal was treding on number one when Carryminati aka ajey nagar challenged him for pubg match.

Carryminati is currently Indias top youtuber where he upload videos on roasting, singing songs and raps. He also have interest on gaming so opened channel carryislive.

Mortal Pubg id

Many are saying that match between carry and naman match is scripted but still they had made record when they were playing the average watching was 100k. So you can see pubg before after effect. And currently free fire is dominating in every country. If you searach NOBRU is also a youtuber who plays free fire and his streams all gets more than 150k likes and In every streams his watching is around 100k.

Mortal monthly income

Mortal monthing income currently is around 3-5lakhs. If you search this earlier when pubg was not banned and his average watching and likes are in between 70k then this figure must be more. There are many factors in which his income depends such as Youtube his main source, Sponsers, supechats ($100), Instagram, facebook.

Mortal monthly income will again increase when again pubg will unban. Not only mortal many other famous pubg player dynamo, scout, Regaltos. This will be tough question to tell the exact date of launch and if you search on youtube then will simply fool you with fake news.

Goverment should see this Pubg mobile with tencent having less chances to come. This new version Pubg new state or pubg mobile 2 can launch in India because there is no tencent in between, Also krafton replied that they had changed pubg mobile india. Pubg player india data will store in India only.

They always will have second option available that is PUBG NEW STATE. If you liked this post Mortal pubg id then share with your friends.



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