Why India is failing in Entrepreneurship despite having talent?

Google algorithm Biased

India is failing in Entrepreneurship despite having talent in world class from Google to Microsoft CEOs are from India. It is called centre hub for engineers but why they are failing? Is they are not getting any support from government or from people.

Most of the younger ones failed to get job but if they failed to get job why not to make company and provide jobs. Why no Indian brands are not coming in global market? why is Indian no big Indian Phone brand is not leading even in India.

Is this old myth of sarkari naukari which is making Entreprenuership end you can earn per day of your government salary. Why India is having highest unemployment. No leaders are not focusing in Entrprenuership.

Is India failing in Entrepreneurship?

Do you believe India is failing in Entrepreneurship if Yes! come here. Why Indian companies many in phone brands is not leading. We had expected scope from jio phone but it got stuck.

So old phone we hope they will upgrade this in future with powerful features like battery, processor, camera. Is less jobs is reflecting condition of market. Govenment is taking exams WITH 500 yrs old year philosophy which does not value in today.

India is failing in Entrepreneurship

India is next worldpower?

India can be next world power and in upcoming years you will see. It cannot become world power until Entrepreneurship ideas, Inventions. Is government had stopped Make in India stop till the paper and in schemes.

India ranks 5th economy in the world having highest population. Recently Adani becames the richest Asian beating Mukesh Ambani.

How much India spent on Health, Education, Infrastructure you will be shocked. Election commission of India never see how much ruling party is spending on each election. It even go beyond 50 Crores roughly data by opposition.

Political parties successful in diverting main issue that is Education, Health by divide and rule policy. A successful startup works helps nation grow contribute to GDP, Employment.

TAX is the main thing a startup is like a small plant and this acts as a poison. Many startups cannot last even a year because of out of funds. And half of the money goes to Tax.

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