How to play pubg mobile without internet

Play pubg mobile without internet if you love pubg like me and have limited internet connection or I may say no internet connection than follow these steps. You can play playerunknown’s battlegrounds in offline mode.

pubg without internet

Play pubg mobile without internet

Pubg mobile or Pubg lite is so popular now a days they had confirmed that per day more than 5 million of people play there game. They have more than 100 million of installs on ios or in google playstore.
Some of them doing live stream of pubg on youtube and they are quiet famous you  may heard a name dynamo gaming. He earns monthly more than 2 lakhs approx and having 4 million subs on youtube.
Can I play pubg without internet ? Yes ofcourse you can let me tell you this is an online game where you can teamup and fight.
You can play solo, dual, squad modes or custom only when you have good internet connection.
pubg without internet

Pubg mobile offline mode

Before you play Pubg without internet you don’t need any internet connection or if you’re having than switch off your data connection.
You must have installed latest version of playerunknown’s battlegrounds or pubji. You can update your game on google playstore.
You will not able to play solo, dual modes but I am sure if you play offline mode you will improve your skills.
You will be able to play only Training mode.
You can find this option when you open pubg mobile and in selecting modes of your map like Erangel etc or your solo, dual mode at left you will find Training mode.
Booyah ! you find the trick how to play pubg mobile without internet.

pubg without internet

Why pubg mobile is popular 

I have read in many of offices, schools, colleages written that Pubg restricted area. Million of active player around globe play this game.
You can talk in game with your squad members.
Many exciting maps and guns with awesome graphics.
You don’t need to buy expensive consoles like Playstation or Xbox not even a pc just a mobile and you can play this is why Pubg mobile is popular.
pubg without internet

Pubg latest updates

Pubg mobile recently lauched Pubg lite game on google play store it can run on basic phone having 1 or 2 Gb ram.
Pubg mobile lauch some tournament around global players and prize money is more than INR 3 lakhs rupees.
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How to earn from pubg mobile

Yes you can earn from pubg mobile pubg recently lauched a tournament where players around country come with squadmates and wining amount is 2 lakhs rupees.
There are many streamers on youtube who do pubg live streams and earn more than 2 lakhs/ monthly. 
You may know famous pubg streamer on youtube dynamo gaming having more than 3 million subs.
If you are pro in Pubg than try to improve your ranking like if you come global player or even in region than people recognise you and you can also start yt channel.

Pubg addiction

Pubg is popular now a days  and people are loving this game purchasing costumes, gunskins etc. This game is popular in kids also. 
Kids under age 14 or 15 they are spending thousand of rupees in game without asking there parents.
Many recently reports tell that when a person is under pubg addiction he himself found difficult to stop playing pubg.
One match of pubg is around 30min if you survive till end. They are playing this game more than 8 hrs a day.

Pubg mobile vs Pubg lite

Well Pubg mobile recently launched Pubg lite game and this game already hits 50 million  target less than 3 months.
If we talk about pubg mobile it is launched in 2017 and compare it to pubg lite which is recently lauched.
Talking about graphics than pubg mobile having high graphics.
Pubg mobile can enter player around globe i.e 100 and compare it to pubg lite just 50.
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Final words

Well you may understand now How to play pubg mobile without internet and have any question than comment below.

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