Is Google algorithm Biased toward new websites?

Google algorithm Biased

Is Google algorithm biased toward a new website vs company? You had heard right there are so many small websites which are run by poor creator.

They create website to get some money they work hard to write exception content. Does this mean you will rank on google? NO Even SEO experts and decades of experience told.

News companies rank on everything they take bread from poor creators small websites. They will write and rank on everything from Tech, Gaming, food, News. They take every thing google just watch how websites are sinking.

Google algorithm Biased?

Google algorithm biased and see how small websites are sinking. Small websites write posts daily and they are run by a single person. They are not a company writing with writers per day 50 posts.

Things are very tough in low CPC countries like India, Bangladesh. With RPM of $1 for one thousand page views and CPC OF $0.01 even they take half. They are not able to pay their Internet cost as we compare this to Other countries RPM $40 Per 1k views.

Is google don’t wants to increase their reach in these countries. News websites beat them with thousand of employees writing on keywords.

No matter how much you work hard Google algorithm, Company websites and other will make you dead in a year.

IF this continues no MORE NEW website will come on GOOGLE.

And make readers SLAVE to read these companies’ posts.

Google algorithm Biased

Google Algorithm SEO

SEO of google algorithm takes to much time to rank for some keywords and it may take up 6-12 months. Imagine a writer waiting to get views one year for single post.

World is changing just like youtube Google should provide free subscriber base. Like they subscribe to their website for free.

Small website cannot pay $100 for just a subscription service.

Google algorithm biased

This is the earning of more than year with the RPM of not even $1 which CPC comes not more than $0.01.

Google wants to give more importance to a writer who is owner, writer, Photo editor, Uploader, Thumbnail maker, Seo. He do everything and still, nothing happens and ultimately he goes.

Hope google will pay special attention to LOW CPC countries and make them survive. Follow small writer!

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