Free fire tips and tricks: Beat grandmaster players tactics

Free fire tips and tricks, that you can beat grandmaster player. You must be thinking that can I Beat grandmaster player? Yes. If you just started then it may take time but when you had spend enough time.

Then definitely if you’re someone who gets nervous when the whole squad is there then you need to think like Grandmasters. You can defeat whole squad even many pro players tries to play solo vs squad.

Free fire tips and tricks

Free fire tips and tricks

Free fire tips and tricks, following these tactics can assure you to beat grandmaster. Now before knowing what is grandmasters tag in free fire? Grandmaster is the highest level which come after herioc. If you reach within 24 hrs herioc in free fire then you will also get this tag.

Free fire tips and tricks

But it does not happen due to hackers in game or matches. Many grandmasters use to play with hackers to increase their level. Now in free fire people use squad or friends many of them use single id to push their rank.

If you search any id in global right now it will show online. Even after 10 hrs you will search same id again it will show online. Some also use paid push simple give money to pro players to increase rank.

Because of these thing a real pro player never comes in board. All noobs playing with hackers fix their position in top. You cannot forget double rank or no rank drop card. These cards can increase your rank and help you in game.

Controls and sensitivity

Controls and sensitivity plays huge role because if you copy someones other then it will not help you in long run. Senstivity of different models and phones is different. You need to see in which you are comfortable. Senstivity should not be too much high or too low.

Free fire tips and tricks

Get first comfortable with control go in settings and custom hub and change it. If you see buttons are too small then increase it. You can replace it according to your need. Some uses different fingers claw, if you pro in only 2 fingers only then is also fine.

Those who use 4finger or 6 fingers they use Ipad. They have big screen so it is comfortable to use six fingers. But when you have small 2GB Ram and trying to use this finger claw will not work.

Use default rather than precise on scope, default option is best even pro players with level 75 plus. Gyan gaming recently completed 11 million, Gyan gaming monthly income.

Solo vs Squad

I had seen when players even play classic to save their ranks in free fire. If you have diamond rank then you think why should I play solo vs squad? Solo vs squad improves your technical skills. When you see whole squad and you had not play this then they will easily defeat you.

Free fire tips and tricks

It will give you confidence, if you had played this game for years and still confidence is not coming then noob who recently installed this game will defeat you. To increase this you need enter more intense tough games. If many players or your friends don’t play with you don’t worry once you increase your rankthen they will invite you.

They will then send message please play one time. Investing money and diamonds will not make you pro. Maybe 10 or 20 percent. Buying expensive gunskins with high attributes definitely help you but not much. If you have expensive gun skin but you don’t know to use it correctly.


Yeah you need to practice a lot playing this game. Every match will give you experience whether it was right decision to fight or just hide?

Many pro players avoid fighting to increase their rank. They simply hide or do camping let the enemy trap.

Free fire tricks

A sudden attack is best to your enemy in free fire game. He was busy in finding loot and then boom. Try to play training mode. Raistar real photo, free fire Id, Monthly income

Avoid unnecessary loot and open spaces

If you are taking any loot like ammo with more than 150 instead take medkits. Some even keep unnecessary loot they switch their weapon and forget to remove ammo of that gun. This will reduce space in bag and you will unable to take items.

Avoid open spaces if you are not hiding play safe running siting in open spaces. There is many times any player defeat you. In open spaces there is high chances that you can caught easily. Also their will be no more good places to hide. Total Gaming monthly income real face, free fire id.

Think like pro player

Even after playing this much you have doubt if I take fight with whole squad they will easily defeat me then simply hide. If you want to increase your level then simple hide or do camping.

If you remain in top 10 then your score and rank will increase. Even many experienced players avoid fights.

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Last but not least Dont get Addicted

Your life is more important than any other thing. Dont forget after all it is game many kids forget this they stop going outside playing games like cricket.

Many end up with addiction and they use their parent’s credit or debit cards. Dont do this Free fire cleverly introduce gun skins, pets, costumes. If your friends are buying for just show off you don’t have to do this. Top 100 cool free fire nick names before changing name

There is already so much cases that kids, students even died. We will recommend you to play outdoor games because it will make you physically fit.

Play for one or two hour not more than some even stop doing there school work. Some are failed in their exams because they were playing this game. You can read another version top 7 free fire tips and tricks that pro players use. Our social media handle facebook and Instagram for queries.

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