FF Antaryami free fire Id, Income, Networth


FF Antaryami free fire id, income, Networth he is one of the richest free fire player. Ff Antaryami real name is Sandeep panwar from Uttarakhand, India. He had crossed 3 Million subscribers count in his youtube channel.

Ff Antaryami income, he mainly make videos on free fire doing live streams, short videos. Ff Antaryami free fire id, he owns richest and expensive free fire id. He also meany giveaway in free fire which worth millions of diamonds.

FF Antaryami free fire Id Income


FF Antaryami free fire id

FF antaryami free fire id is 297537840 and he is from Esports guild where many tournaments and custom matches like Guild war organise also they give money. His guild members are in herioc and some in grandmaster.

FF antaryami he is born and brought up in Uttarakhand beautiful place with cold weather surrounded by tall mountains. He loves playing games like Carryminati, Mortal or scout they are famous for playing Pubg, FF antaryami had interest in playing free fire in his free times.

He started his youtube channel 3 or 4 years ago and on starting he is also not getting any views and subscriber just like others. He not give up and he got success having millions of followers on youtube as well Instagram.

There is trend on Free fire YouTubers on streamers who don’t do face reveal in their streams even after reached millions of counts. This trend is followed by Total gaming aka ajju bhai, Sk sabir boss, Raistar. Do you know who is richest free fire player in India?

Ans is Everyone is richest but if you talk specific on assets including luxury cars, House. Then Lokesh gamer because he is rich and never do or reveal his assets. Followed by gyan gaming and as gaming they both are equal rich they both recently purchased BMW and Mustang.

Gyan gaming channel recently got hacked and deleted from youtube. His fans shows love and support in his tough times many fans demanding youtube to bring back his channel. As youtube got many messages and requests on twitter.

Do you wants to become a grandmaster in Free fire?

His account was again back he replied his channel was hacked through mistakenly bySkylord on downloading some torrent files from internet which secetely spy on your id and passwords.

FF Antaryami free fire Id Income

FF Antaryami Income

FF Antaryami income he is earning more than 25 lakhs per year, His monthly income is more than 2 Lakhs rupees. He earn from youtube, Brand collab, Sponserships.

FF antaryami owns Dream bike, expensive gaming setup, Gaming Pc worth 2 lakhs. He also going to buy gaming house like Two side gamer, As gaming or Mortal.

FF Antaryami channel had grow more than 100% getting more subscriber, views. His channel is among top free fire content creator in India.

Recently Two side gamer ritik won Esports free fire tournament and won 6Lakhs rupees cheque. He shared stage with famous politician and Minister of Delhi Manis Sisodia.

He also earns from superchats and memberships his fans donate money which directly goes in his bank account. He also provide e wallet like paytm number so he can save 30 per as you know youtube deduct this amount.

Total gaming ajju bhai crossed more than 30 million subscribers in 2021, He had beaten many streamers like Mortal, Dynamo in subscriber and fan following count he is from Gujarat.

FF Antaryami free fire Id Income

FF antaryami Net worth

FF Antaryami Net worth is more than 50 Lakhs in Indian rupees his main income is from Youtube and Brand collab. He owns expensive house, Bike and other assets.

FF Antaryami aka Sandeep Panwar he easily more than 10K Rs from Superchats only. And you have seen also many times their fans give even 10K Rs only at once. Sponsers also give them money they sponsers video or streams.

Dynamo gaming had built expensive gaming pc which worth more than 5-10 Lakhs. Many brands like Asus give product free of cost Asus rog costs more than 50k Rs and carryminati got this in free.

Also free fire players love new events, gunskins and updates. According to reports Free fire is going to give free fire most popular character Alok in free. Free fire max is going to launch in few months.

Those who had questions graphics of free fire they had made separate version of free fire called Free fire max. They don’t wanted to increase size of original free fire. As if they add more features on 700mb it will mess up also they know many players play on 2GB or 3GB RAM.

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