How to donate for PUBG streamers in paytm?

 Do you love playing games? If you then you must watch that game video on youtube. If you want to know How to donate to PUBG streamers in paytm? You have to see a little dollar icon on the right side of your screen.

Pubg is a popular battleground game in the world and mostly fan base of this game is under age 19. And I know when I was a minor I want to play games like PUBG but unfortunately, these good graphics games are not available at that time we have to buy PS2.

So these kids can get free intense games in which you can talk with your teammates by a mic. The sad news is this game is currently banned in India because of security reasons. And a lot of youth is playing this game not focusing on current life.

donate for PUBG streamers in paytm

One way donate for PUBG streamers

If you wants to donate any super chats or donation to Pubg streamers or any gaming streamers then you need to follow these below steps we will not write 6 page article for just some one step:
  1. Open youtube app 
  2. Go to your favorite streamer channel to donate money via Super chats.
  3. Select which super chat you want to give on youtube you can directly purchase stickers that costs from Rs 40 to 8000/-
  4. Or you can simply give super chat with Highlighted texts. So streamer can read your message.
  5. Then you see the dollar icon on right side screen click and send a donation for a streamer.
donate for PUBG streamers in paytm

Now the twist is you can’t buy super chat for streamer through Paytm but alternative Google pay can help you. If you wants to donate money then you should send min Rs40/-. The display time of super chats depends on how much you give him.
donate for PUBG streamers in paytm

For example: If you give him around Rs40/- then it will dismiss in just 10-12 seconds.
                     If you give him around Rs500/- then must be there for 45-60 seconds.
Note: Before sending money keep your budget in mind some people mistake that they directly send money through a bank account. And they mistake Sending Rs 500/- to Rs5000/- Only one extra zero can change everything.
donate for PUBG streamers in paytm

For donating money Debit card is an easy way because banks gives debit cards easily then a credit cards. We had told you Paytm will not work because why Google will promote Paytm when he already have Google pay? 
If you don’t some google pay simply use a debit card add details and you can send money via debit card. 
Do you know that many streamers provide there own Paytm or Google pay number because Youtube has certain rules you cant release the money until your threshold reached $100. As this apply also hear If you don’t have $100 balance on your youtube channel youtube will take half.
donate for PUBG streamers in paytm


We had already told you How to donate for PUBG streamers if you have some question then let us know by commenting or following us on Facebook. Don’t forget this to share this post.

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