Carryminati monthly income, Ajey nagar Earning, Girlfriend, House

Carryminati (Ajey nagar) income, earning, wealth, he is currently India’s top youtuber with 30 million subscribers. He make videos on youtube on roasting, raps, gamer. Carryminati earning is most asked question from his subscribers. Carryminati most of the time do charity streams in difficult times to help people.

Carryminati income

carryminati is a living example that without getting higher education from premium institutes you can do great things in your life. Carryminati is millionaire at the age of just 24. Now every celebrity in Bollywood knows Carryminati, Recently his most popular song yalgaar is featured in Web series Disney + Hotstar.

Carryminati Monthly income

Name (Channel)


Real Name

Ajey Nagar

Carryminati monthly income


Carryminati monthly income INR

6-8 lakhs INR

Carryminati Net worth

$50 million

Carryminati Net worth INR

6 Crore INR

Carryminati Girlfriend (Dating)

Avneet kaur

Carryminati Channels


Carryminati aka Ajay Nagar income, He proved that if you keep working you will succeed. He recently got a chance to interview with Kareena Kapoor. There is alot of news that carryminati is going in Bigg boss and this happen every season. Reacting this he said Fake news.

Carryminati ajey nagar income is $5000 per month and his networth is around $5 million dollar. He is now a big celebrity having two channels on youtube. And can come in bollywood seeing his fan following.

Carryminati income

Carryminati on his starting carrer on youtube was uploading gaming and roasting videos. Even he said that On his starting days he had not told this to any of his friends even family. When he got more than lakhs of subscribers then he told this to his family.

Carryminati monthly income

On starting there is alot of controversies even today with carryminati. His video on roasting famous tiktoker goes viral which crack record on getting highest views and likes in less than hour. But because this video was going so viral and spreading youtube vs tiktok youtube deleted that video.

After this video gets deleted he had uploaded a song yalgaar and this currently having more than 200 million views and million likes. Fans of carry spread this video to get million of views.

Carryminati monthly income in last 5 years

Monthly income in 2021

8-10 Lakhs INR

Monthly income in 2020

5 Lakhs INR

Monthly income in 2019

4 Lakhs INR

Monthly income in 2018

3.2 Lakhs INR
Monthly income in 2017
2 Lakhs INR

Carryminati ajey nagar net worth

Carryminati ajey nagar net worth is around $5 million dollar his average video now crossing 50 million views. Carryminati monthly income is around $20k. Also many big brands now directly approaching carry for promotions just like asus rog.

Carryminati income

Carryminati most famous songs is yalgaar, he is also having interest in gaming when he was at age 18 he used to buy various games CD’s, PS games. Then he started his carryislive channel and got success in gaming, Carryislive also having more than 7.5 million subscribers.

Ajey nagar never stick to one game he had played from most famous to just arrived game. Others like Dynamo gaming, Mortal, or Scout who had played single game on starting is Pubg. Then after due to ban playing different game.

Carryminati (ajey nagar) Girlfriend

Carryminati ajey nagar girlfriend, he had never free from controversies on going bigg boss to his girlfriends. According to some sources, Carryminati is dating avneet kaur popular actress, dancer had featured in famous Shows Dance India Dance, Aladdin, popular songs.

Carryminati income

No reply given from carry on asking this question, Carryminati is also having two SUV’s and they both are fortuner colour is white and black. Carryminati is also knowing many bollywood industry famous persons. Hindustani bhau was also having his youtube channel and because of that he had got entry in bigg boss.

Carryminati monthly income

This season bigg boss season 14 had not get attention from audience because many had boycotted for late actor Sushant singh rajput. However bigg boss season 13 had crossed all records of tv industry. And contestant of season 13 there life is changed completely ex is asim riaz nobody knows his before entry bigg boss.

Nobody had predicted that this season 14 can go this way after seeing success of season 13. However bigg boss had tried many times to invite Carryminati, Ashish chanchlani, and bb

On replying to this carry had said there is no decision on going to bigg boss, also he had roasted bigg boss seasons. Some fans also suggested him this show is scripted and sometime onesided

Carryminati age – Carryminati income

Carryminati age is 22 yrs old, this is amazing get this much name fame and money at this age. This year he will turn 23. Carryminati always keep his audience as his friends. Even in video he had also said that anything happen good or bad always share.

Carryminati income

Carryminati had also faced anxiety on his starting of his journey, but these things cannot stop him what he is today. Its nothing wrong if we say him today internet sensation because whatever he is today is because of internet.

On interview with bollywood actress kareena kapoor he had told her that before roasting to anyone he talk with them. He had also told her that on roasting they also get alot of benefits such as fame and money.

Carryminati tiktok vs youtube video

Carryminati tiktok vs youtube video this video gone viral not only in youtube including other social media twitter, insta, tiktok. After this youtube had deleted that video saying it violate there policies. This video was uploaded on lockdown time.

Carryminati income

carryminati and many other youtuber are earning from tiktok indirectly such as many other youtuber are roasting tiktokers and earning more than 5 lakhs rupees $4000 per video. Tiktok was the only platform which was getting highest number of downloads in lockdown time.

Tiktok a short video app then after ban you can see many same platforms instal reels, facebook, and know even on youtube shorts. Promoting short videos seeing the potential of tiktok. however after this all this app is banned by many countries including India.

America was also going to banned this app but then after there partnership hey had cancelled it. Also Microsoft had tried many times to purchase this app tiktok.

Since this app is from china, and have less trust on user privacy and data this app is banned. This is fact if carryminati had also created his account on Tiktok his video must be getting million of like there also, Many bollwood celebs had created tiktok account but they had deleted even having more than lakhs of fans.

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