BGMI launch date in July, Early access, New season

BGMI lauch date, its been a year pubg fans are still waiting for official launch. BGMI battle ground mobile India is available on playstore since two months with only single option pre register. BGMI devlopers Krafton Inc had not replied for its launch date.

Krafton Inc will lose millions of dollars because of late launch of bgmi. Many pubg players are now moving for waiting more than years. BGMI crossed 10 millions downloads without launching this game on android playstore or apple. Even many pubg players are currently playing this game.

Many players are downloading this games from tap tap. Eighteen days before this game launched early access and stopped this after four minutes saying we had recived number of testers for early access.

BGMI launch date

BGMI launch date according to sources and many pubg fans spaming date that it can release on 1-2 weeks in july. Many big youtubers have talked with devlopers and had given this hint. famous youtuber Dynamo replied that BGMI is just going to lauch less than weeks.

Government of India know have no legal reasons to ban this game according to pubg fans. Many fans also alleged that government is partial to us Free fire which forces player to buy diamonds and use money.

Pubg BGMI will store indian pubg player data in India only. They play on Indian sever only comparing this to Pubg globally they had feature of Asia, Europe, America they can change server but this is not possible in BGMI.

Also they had added feature of yellow while you shoot someone instead of red. When you kill someone in the game it will written or come as you finished this player. Many news are coming in free fire under 16 age had used there parents debit or credit card for buying diamonds.

Many big free fire youtubers had raised this issue on making this game fair by not adding characters like alok or expensive gun skins which is neccsaty to buy.

How to download BGMI Early access

Many pubg players are currently playing this game and many had also played this game when it was ban. With the help of VPN they can play pubg global version. But Now, BGMI is going to launch in India and if you wants to know how to download this game.

BGMI launch date

BGMI is currently showing pre register option on google play store. Even this option not coming or early access on IOS. Many are angry on krafton for no registration on App store. Android users can download and play this game smoothly.

For downloading BGMI follow these easy steps:

  1. Download tap tap or search tap tap after opening or downloading tap tap app.
  2. Open and go to popular section you will see BGMI on top section Number postion and also see different games.
  3. Download BGMI and play

Note You need good internet connection apk file is around 700mb and when you open it you need to download extra 700mb update file. Download neecsary resouces 2100mb+600mb include all maps also in this one.

BGMI new season

Many BGMI fans are saying that new season is coming and it will come as 1 or 2. Players will get exclusive gun skins with new character cloths free for everyone just same like they given reward on pre registration.

Many youtubers are suggesting to not buy any royal pass until the game not launched officialy. Because many players are facing issue on account transfer. Also some are getting ban for years for playing the same id on global version and in BGMI.

Also BGMI are very strict on meetups in game many youtubers teamup with enemy in game. Many players reported this to krafton Inc due to which many are getting ban and temprary suspension.

Many youtuber Mortal, Dynamo, Scout are started this BGMI live stream and getting millions of likes.

BGMI reply on Data transfer

Recently many politicians had spread this information that krafton had send users data. Many politicians tweeting without knowledge krafton then finally replied that these data are not stolen. For adding new events, and feature data had been transfered.

When you download this game in terms of condition it is written no data has been leaked – Krafton Inc. Many fake news on BGMI and pubg is getting viral you should confirm then send to anyone.

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