5 best ways to put full pic in whatsapp dp

 how to put full pic in whatsapp dp? when you had tried WhatsApp to upload your new DP it will tell you to crop pic. And when crop that image it will not look good before it was. So today this post we will tell you 5 best ways to put full pic in whatsapp dp.

The reason behind this because Whatsapp only allows 192*192 pixels dimensions photos and if we cross this then it will ask us to crop this image. But what if I tell you can add the whole pic without cropping it.

How to put full pic in whatsapp dp

WAY-1 Squaredroid (Recommended)
To put a full image in whatsapp profile you need to download an app like squaredroid easily available in all platforms I-phone, Android, Windows. Squaredroid will not crop your image it will just resize according to Whatsapp. 
This Squaredroid app not only works in WhatsApp but also in Instagram. You will also get options like blur background, change image size, increase effects, Rotate.
Download link for Squaredroid 
WAY-2 free tools
Now the second way to put full pic in whatsapp is to use online free tools. You will get free websites to change your profile size. You just need which pixels you need to change for ex if we talk in whatsapp then it allows only 192*192.
Similarly, if we see youtube for thumbnail then 1280*720 you can just resize this same image without cropping it.
WAY-3 Whatscrop
Download another app called Whatscrop it is similar to above application which will change your image pixels to WhatsApp dimensions.
You just need to download this app then select specific photo which you wants to add in DP. After selecting it will convert your pic. 
And you will be now able to put that image without showing crop option.
Download link for Whatscrop

WAY-4  Image crop
Image crop is another application this is currently having a 4.4 ratings with million downloads in the google play store. It will change and resize your image by cropping it. 
It will be also helpful for you later for changing image ratio, size. 
Download link for Imagecrop
WAY-5 Pixel lab – (Recommended)
Pixel lab is a free image editing tool and I am personally using it for around yrs. With pixel lab you can change your image size, Ratio.
Best part is you can add text in image, 3d text, change the background color. This app is the No.1 free app in editing with 100million downloads.
You can add arrows, circles and this app can be very helpful in assignments, projects.
Download link for Pixelab
Final words
We had told you 5 best ways to put full pic in whatsapp dp you can use anyone. For specific, we had also written recommended so it means this way is better. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends’ group.
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