8 best apps to watch ipl live free in 2021

8 best apps to watch ipl live free in 2021, is this possible yes, we all know IPL (Indian premier league) we all have buzz craze. And when its lockdown time you are feeling bored this will best way to watch Ipl in 2021. But now you wants some ways to watch ipl free.

best apps to watch ipl live free 2021

Ipl is having a lot fans, popularity and these streaming platform give crores of rupees to stream ipl in there platforms. But we will still tell you free ways to watch ipl in 2021. You also know that ads which comes in between also give crores of rupees to ipl (bcci).

best apps to watch ipl live free 2021

this post on best apps to watch ipl live free 2021 we had compared apps on there video quality, pricing, streaming with no lags

best apps to watch ipl live free 2021

There are so many free and paid apps available to watch ipl free in 2021. If you are a subscriber of jio or airtel then you have more chances to watch this in free. For jio if you don’t know they had recently launched a plan of Rs 401/- in which you will get free 6GB data plus 3GB per for 28 days.

best apps to watch ipl live free 2021

Extra and important benefit is Disney+Hotstar for 1 year, yes I am not saying for one month 1year plus 3gb data per day for 28 days. There are so many websites are illegally streaming this ipl live but we don’t suggest you to there because they will show vulgar ads.

And quality will be so bad that there is no way to wait even min. If you wants a true expierence of IPL then switch on your TV subscribe start sport hd for live IPL at Rs 19/-.

1. Jio (watch free ipl)

Jio always launch new plans in ipl time you also know that Mumbai Indians is team of Mukesh ambani chairman Jio. So if you are a subscriber of jio, or you are going to recharge wait, If you are outside from your home so you have to reacharge Rs401/- or Rs399/- plan.

In this plan, you will get benefits like extra 6GB data plus 3gb per day data and main important you will be getting free disney+hotstar VIP for 1 year. These above both plans are different you will see this plan in under a crickten offer in my jio app. Hotstar is an official digital streaming broadcaster of IPL 2021.

2. Airtel Xstream

Airtel had also lauched same plan with Rs 399 or above you will also getting free 1year subscription of hotstar plus disney for 1 year. But comparing this to jio plan you will not be getting more data as they are giving free 6GB and also 3GB per day.

You will be getting free disney plus hotstar subscription and you will given further steps to claim this offer by companies. This step is calculated by hotstar to increase there users on there platform.

3. Disney + hotstar

Now for those who dont wanted to buy these plans can directly buy from there official app disney plus hotstar. This step can be more beneficial for you if you are from different operator like Vodafone and idea or bsnl. You may be having wifi with bsnl or any other network.

You can directly buy this plan for 1 year of subscription of disney and hotstar at Rs 399/- from there official website or app disney and hotstar.

This platform increase its user by collab hotstar and disney you will also find various movies like Avengers end game and many famous movies, tv shows, webseries, news from this platform only. If you remeber there was a time when you buy one Cd of movies for Rs 500/-

4. Twitch tv

Well this option may or may not work it is free twitch.tv is famous for streaming and also it is world best streaming platform. You can see so many ipl streaming for runs and score. If some particular channel get famous then that will be banned from twitch.

5. Yupp tv

You can also watch ipl in Yupp tv this will not be in free list. It will come under premium you will have to buy a premium version of yupp tv. Yupp tv plans you can check on there official plans in which they can be found at rate monthly $9 and yearly $99.

These plans gets update you should check this from there official app.

6. Youtube

Yeah you will say how can I watch this IPL in youtube? you can watch there are so many people who are doing live streams of ipl. Some are doing commentary live you can check score live ipl. This option is totally free you dont have to pay any single dollar.

Even some are directly doing live streams placing mobile near to tv and having thousand of watching. These channel can be removed from youtube.

7. Google

Yes google can be another free way without spending any money if you can’t watch ipl then you can see live score. You can watch live score, table, commentary. You can check result which team is winning, losing.

8. Willow tv

Last but not the least willow tv is official broadcaster of many different country association cricket board like pakistan, Bangladesh and also they are of IPL also. You can watch at minimum cost with full hd display and audio quality with no lags.

Google play store

There are so many fans waits every year for this ipl, unfortunately only one team win this ipl trophy some players really shock us and we some times dissappoint from our favourite player. If you like this post best apps to watch ipl live free 2021 follow us on social media.

Without any audience in stadium still cant demotivate any player because they know millions are watching them live. Any you know how much people will sit in stadium if there was no virus.

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