BB Ki Vines Dhindora breaks records fans shocked

bb ki vines dhindora

BB Ki vines Dhindora breaks records and his fans shocked. Many biggies of Bollywood appreciated him for his fantastic acting he shown. His true fans knows this year is not good for many including BB but he and his fans making ending hit.

BB KI vines aka Bhuvan bham is back with Webseries called Dhindora which will be exclusively on his channel BB ki vines. Many fans showing support to him including all YouTubers which gives message how they are connected with each other in their good and as well in their tough times.

BB Ki vines Dhindora


BB Ki Vines Dhindora

BB ki Vines Dhindora webseries is famous from trailer to clips is viral on social media. His webseries is famous and in news more than many upcoming and released films. BB ki vines dhindora is based on winning a big lottery of crores and changing life overnight.

Seems like a dream where you get bully by everyone and search for some respect and overnight you become Crorepati. Reaction changes. It is of total main 9 Characters and with similar 9 episodes. Fans are eagerly waiting for new episodes.

Best part is BB done most of the main characters from becoming Son, Dad, Mother. Thats why fans are shocked how he managed so many roles and done so perfectly.

These YouTubers are real hero, Actors, Self employed not comes from Bollywood background like Nepotism where they force audience to watch them only like SLAVE. They proved themself that they are missing opportunity their are many talented young artist but they lack links because of nepotism.

They shows inequality they don’t judge on their talent hard work they don’t see Blood and sweat they mix. Many BB fans are happy with as Bhuvan bham finally gone in BIGG BOSS this season.

In bigg boss every season his name always trend that in this season he is finally a contestant. And his fans send so many message that in end he says It is fake just like carryminati.

How you can watch Dhindora bb webseries?

You can watch his webseries on his youtube channel BB ki vines. Many are confused is this is launched in some platform like Amazon prime or Netflix. And then many will left that they will not get chance to watch as they will not purchase premium membership,

But he made free for all and Dhindora is partnership with Youtube India also there is news that they announced Dhindora Season 2 seeing his fans support and craze.

Many directors and filmmakers reacted to his dhindora and they are shocked. Even youtube CEO reacted and asked to watch Dhindora.

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