As gaming monthly income, free fire id, Kd many more

As gaming is a free fire streamer who do live streams on youtube. He is currently having more than 9 million subscriber. On starting he was uploading only free fire highlights. as gaming monthly income, kd you will know. As gaming monthly income, free fire id kd many more,

As gaming free fire is now popular he was working hard to gain some audience, name Now he is popular. If you search this name around 1year ago very less know him. As gaming was not doing live streams on starting he was uploading highlights free fire videos mainly on factory roof.

As gaming free fire id

As gaming monthly income

As gaming monthly income is around more than 2 lakh in INR, this income can increase if he gains more subscribers and you know 9 million subscriber is also not so small number. His main source of income is from youtube only. There are so many ways these YouTubers can earn money.

  • Facebook gaming
  • Youtube
  • Superchat
  • Sponsers
  • Instagram

He is also having million followers on instagram, many brands collab with youtubers and give money for their promotion of brands. And this is growth of As gaming his livestreams views are more than two side gamer. Sometimes youtuber gets $100 superchat.

We had calculated monthly income of as gaming free fire that is 2.5lakhs INR this depend upon his views he is getting on youtube.

As gaming is now growing fast in just two months he had gained around more than 2.5 million subscribers. Also he had collab with big free fire streamer gyan gaming.

As gaming free fire id

As gaming free fire id worth lakhs of INR ruppees, he had purchased expensive free fire gun skins, bags, characters. Free fire As gaming is now had started live streaming and his average likes goes around 100k. Now there is big comparison in pubg streamers and free fire.

As gaming free fire id

On starting when pubg was not banned in india average pubg streamer watching was around 50k if count dyno, scout or mortal there watching was around 100k. But now situation is changed free fire streamers watching is around 40 to 60k if you count total gaming, gyan gaming.

As gaming free fire id number

As gaming free fire id is 169525329 this is real id which worth lakhs of rupees. As gaming had also collab with total gaming and you can also see in future in live streams. In this free fire id he is having all elite passes, expensive gunskins.

Pubg streamers now started playing pubg even doing live streams knowing this game is ban in India. Big youtubers had already said they cant wait more for goverment decisions. There is no specific reason is given by them for this ban however there is alot of chances for pubg mobile 2 made by krafton only to come in India.

As gaming free fire id

If krafton ready to lauch pubg mobile state only then it will goona work. Many gaming companies are no longer wanted partnership with tencent anymore seeing this ban in India.

As gaming is having a level of 67 in free fire he had played arounf 100 out of which he had win rate more than 70%. He usually plays with his squad. If he wanted to make some gameplay video or some factory roof then he plays with random.

If you wants to send request in free fire then it will be tough because there is some limit set by garena if so many players are sending request to single person then it will “REQUEST FULL”. Also if they even see your still they will not add you. Unless they know you.

As Gaming Free Fire phone number

As gaming free fire phone number, if you are biggest fan of youtuber and you wants to talk one time. Well all youtubers dont share their numbers, address because of their privacy. If he is getting love from his audience dont forget hate, since he is a big youtuber many also hate him.

As gaming free fire id

Thats the reason they dont wanted to share their personal information. If you wants to talk with as gaming then you will see some email address on this youtube description video or in about section of his channel they usually talk with brands. His youtube channel having more than 9 million subs.

There are also some types who are searching id, passwords of his id. As gaming growing youtube channel if you stopped working on your channel then it will start go downward. And they never forget to keep making fresh content. He had made alot of noob vs pro video or some girl rejected him in game which is having millions of views.

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