Amazon pay later: How to register new EMI option on Amazon

Amazon pay later is a new feature released in India also in many other countries with this feature you can buy any product on EMI without using any debit or credit card.

Which EMI option is best for you? credit card or debit card just simply Amazon Pay later. By using credit or debit cards on selected banks like ICICI, HDFC, Axis Banks, others will have to interest in each product.
Also if you buy from Amazon then only a very selected few banks for EMI on debit cards are available.
You cannot buy products on EMI using a debit card few use EMI on debit cards with only selected only banks only.

How to register for Amazon pay later

Amazon pay later is a good option to buy any product without giving full payment. 
Now the problem is Amazon pay later option is not showing in every account of Amazon. With this problem, Amazon replied that this option Amazon pay later is limited.
The reason why you are not getting Amazon pay later option

If you had not used Amazon for at least one year then you will not get Amazon pay later option. 
You had not completed your KYC document.
Amazon app is not updated to its current version.
Your bank account which you link in Amazon is out of balance.
Solution for Amazon pay later option

If you are not getting Amazon pay later option then don’t worry we will tell you working tricks that option will be enabled.
You need to update your existing Amazon app from Playstore or Apple Store.
After updating your Amazon app open it and go to Amazon pay option which you will get in categories.
Then you will get Amazon pay later option in the Amazon pay page when you get Amazon pay later option you will need to provide necessary documents like your Pan card, Aadhar card, driving license.
After completing your e KYC you will get a 10,000 balance received and used for EMI.
Note this is not Amazon pay balance it is actually Amazon pay Later balance which you cannot use for recharging mobiles, others.
After updating your Amazon app if this option is not showing then you have to just search Amazon pay later option in your Amazon app.
 When you search this keyword Amazon pay later in Amazon app then the Amazon pay later option will come.
It must be saying you are currently not eligible for this but if you interested in Amazon pay later then click on yes.
It will get enable in 48hrs.
Amazon pay later eligibility

      • This option must be enabled in your country.
      •  Your age must be 23 years (20 Yrs)
      • You should have all documents in India Aadhar card, pan card, driving license.

How to buy on EMI without using Amazon pay later option

If you are not getting Amazon pay later option but you wanted to buy any product on EMI then don’t worry we have any other ways to buy on EMI. accepts the only card selected debit cards, Bajaj Finance, down payment options.
You can use any one option best way is to check your debit card is eligible for the EMI option or not if not then you can use a credit card.
If you use a credit card then you will get some benefit like 10% off. 
If you are from India then you can use the Bajaj Finance card. 
Check your bank for debit card Amazon accepts these banks only SBI, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, Bank of Baroda, Kotak Mahindra Bank, ICICI Bank.
You can open a new account on these Bank and I am sure that you must have at least one SBI account in your family.
How EMI option work in Amazon

No cost EMI is the best way to buy any products, Some basic pay structure on Amazon using the EMI option

EMI Plan


Total cost

₹3,291 x 3m ₹382 (24%) ₹9,872
₹1,694 x 6m ₹675 (24%) ₹10,165
₹1,163 x 9m ₹974 (24%) ₹10,464
₹897 x 12m ₹1,278 (24%) ₹10,768

This is Amazon pay later EMI option for around 10000 rupees acoustic guitar which rule in pay you can free 897 rupees for one year.
Flipkart pay later option

 Flipkart also released the new feature Flipkart pay later option which you can buy any product on EMI Flipkart using this option.
You don’t need any credit or debit card for  EMI.
The best part of this it is enabled for all users if you are from India using Flipkart then you just have to provide to document like Aadhar Card and PAN card.
After completing your e KYC on Flipkart in just 30 seconds you will get 5000 rupees in your Flipkart pay later. 
Final words

 We had told you how to register for Amazon pay later, other options also if you like this post and don’t forget to follow us on social media also share this post with your friends. For more Amazon pay later official 
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